Turtle Crusher is an Attack Ring released as part of the Hard Metal System. It debuted with the release of Round Shell MS.


Turtle Crusher is a heavy AR with its weight focused entirely on two adjacent sides. Its Metal Frame has two large, blunt projections at each end. On the underside, hidden by the ABS Caul are two small metal nubs. The entire Metal Frame is bluntly designed for Smash Attack. 

Because the weight of Turtle Crusher is focused on adjacent ends, it has very poor balance. However, this poor balance works perfectly with the design of the Metal Frame for Wobbling. You can build a Wobbling combo with very high Smash Attack capability using Turtle Crusher. Unfortunately, Turtle Crusher lost a lot of its use when Aero Knight MS was released. Its AR, Knight Crusher, has the same Metal Frame as Turtle Crusher, but the ABS Caul has better Smash Attack.





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