Attack Ring - Upper Claw is a Attack Ring released as part of the Magnacore System. It debuted with the release of Driger V2 on 2003.


  • Weight: 7 grams

The Attack Ring of Driger V2 consists of two tiger heads, followed by long slopes that reach down to the level of the weight disk, consistent with the desired properties for Upper Attack.

The tiger heads are quite large and sometimes obstruct the slopes, reducing their ability to get under opponents. They also produce some Smash Attack in left spin, but there are a great number of better options. The angle of the slopes change at two points, and this introduces a certain amount of Upward Smash (that is, Smash Attack that hits at an angle from below, smashing, rather than lifting, the opponent upwards). The rather shallow lifting curves, combined with the obstructions, limit the lifting potential of this AR, and by itself is generally outclassed by other Upper Attack ARs.

However, this AR is almost always used in unison with its respective Support Parts, Upper Attack SP, which greatly improve its abilities. When combined, the small gap where the AR and SP meet, as well as the points on the AR where the angle of the slope changes, provide the impacts needed to KO opponents once they have been lifted off the stadium floor.

There is one further limitation of Upper Claw with respect to Upper Attack: it is only effective in Right Spin, unlike Upper Dragoon and Triangle Wing, which have effective slopes in both spin directions.

Due to the limitations of its design as a stand-alone part, this AR should not be used without Upper Attack SP.


Driger V2 is famed for its ability to defeat a wide range of opponents with little to no customization. While its parts aren’t extremely powerful individually, they work excellently together, and can be used in a variety of customisations.


Takara Tomy

  • Driger V2


  • Driger V2


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