Upper Wolf is an Attack Ring released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Wolborg 2.


  • Weight: 4.9 grams (Mold 1), 5.2 grams (Mold 2)

The AR of Wolborg 2 consists of three wolf heads, with sloped projections which are spaced similarly to those of Triple Wing (Trygle). In right spin, despite the name implying Upper Attack, the slopes of these projections are too short to exhibit this to any useful degree. Thus, Upper Wolf relies more on its Smash Attack, however even here, and despite being shaped similarly to the famed Triple Wing, Upper Wolf is rather ineffective. This is due to the fact its contact points are angled slightly more outward than those of Triple Wing, reducing their ability to land solid hits and greatly increasing the Recoil they produce. As such, Upper Wolf is outclassed by even second-tier Smash Attack ARs such as Triple Attacker and Dark Wing.

In left spin, the triangular protrusions at the front of each wolf head and on the outer edge of each slope provide some Smash Attack, but due to their small size and the fact their leading edges are merely flat faces, Upper Wolf is ineffective in this spin direction.

Mold Differences

Hasbro's release of Upper Wolf is reinforced; with additional plastic between the wolf heads and the protrusions which tail them, as well as between those protrusions and the centre of the AR. While this adds some additional weight, it has no measurable effect on the performance of the AR, and as such is considered negligible.





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