Attack Ring - War Bear is a Attack Ring released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Galzzly.


Weight: 8 grams The Attack Ring of Galzzly, War Bear, takes the shape of two Bear heads, followed by three closely arranged protrusions with a pickaxe-like appearance. In right spin, the heads of the AR are the main impact point, providing some blunt Smash Attack, but causing a lot of recoil in the process. The other protrusions are too closely packed together to have any noticeable effect. In left spin, the leading spike has some Smash Attack ability, however it is not particularly strong, and this spike is rather fragile, so overall it is not worth using.

As such, War Bear itself is largely useless, and it is only hindered by the inclusion of a Free-Spinning Sub Ring, which adds recoil and dampens the attack. Even with less obstructive SARs, it still has no competitive value.

Sub-Attack Ring (SAR): War Bear SAR War Bear also has a free spinning Sub-AR, in the shape of two large, pickaxe-like protrusions. The leading edge in right spin is large and blunt and due to the free spinning nature, largely ineffectual, only serving to slow down the beyblade it is attached to without adding any amount of Smash Attack. In left spin, the contact point is much sharper, but due to its free-spinning nature, again mostly useless.

That said, this part does have some use. In left spin, the contact point is excellently shaped for Smash Attack, though this is usually not helpful because, being free spinning, it cannot deliver a solid hit. However, a few setups exist which fix it in place, allowing it to be used successfully in Smash Attack customization.



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