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Whale Attacker is an Attack Ring released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Seaborg.


Whale Attacker takes the form of two large whales, with descending slopes and spikes along the sides, leading back to a single point, reminiscent of a whale arching out of water, as well as screw head details which serve to add a mechanical feel to the design. In right spin, the large, flat protrusions that represent the whales' heads are the main contact points. These protrusions have a large amount of Smash Attack, delivering impressive blunt force to opponents, but suffering from a debilitating amount of Recoil, requiring the tip of SG Grip Change Base (or other recoil-controlling tips such as Seaborg's own Defense Grip Base in Attack Mode) in order to be worthwhile. Furthermore, the strain on the Attack Ring caused by these extremely violent impacts results in significant breakage issues, particularly near the screw head details where the Attack Ring is at its thinnest (though breakage is by no means limited to this area). It should also be noted that Whale Attacker has a tendency to damage other Beyblades, much like Cross Griffon.

In left spin, the most noticeable feature of Whale Attacker is its slopes. These are quite long, however their shallow angle renders them ineffective compared to other proper Upper Attack ARs. Aside from this, the end of each slope, and the spikes along the side of the Attack Ring provide some Smash Attack, but due to the inward curvature of the end-of-slope contact points and the small size of the spiked protrusions (and their tendency to wear down), Whale Attacker is unable to make significant contact in left spin, leading it to be greatly outclassed, most notably by G Upper and Panther Head, both of which combine Upper and Smash Attack far more effectively in left spin.

Use in Smash Attack Customization[]

  • AR: Whale Attacker
  • WD: Wide Defense
  • SG Casings: Right SG (Bearing Version 2) casings
  • SG Tip:SG Grip Change Base (Attack Mode)
  • BB: Defense Grip Base 2

The tip of SG Grip Change Base allows for incredible speed and recoil control, which is important given the extreme recoil suffered by Whale Attacker. The rest of the combination- Wide Defense and and Defense Grip Base 2- allow for the combination to move faster, useful to provide extra force to the hits it makes. This is a deadly attack setup which can knock out all but the toughest defense types with relatively little trouble but the breakage issues of Whale Attacker means this combination is not to be relied on in competitive situations.