Whale Crusher is an Attack Ring released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Seaborg 2.


  • Weight: 8 Grams

Whale Crusher is useful for Smash Attack as it has a very wide attack range. In left spin, Whale Crusher has the ability to perform Smash attack. Eight Spiker is generally a better choice, but Whale Crusher's weight and size may prove more suitable to your strategy, as its larger diameter gives it a higher chance of making contact. Whale Crusher in right spin can be used in Defense type customizations and has a slight amount of Upper Attack. The Survival of this AR is generally considered to be too low to be used properly in a Defensive customization and Smash Turtle is usually preferred.

Use in OHKO Customisation

This style of attack is very risky as it generally has to win very quickly or it will just spin out, however the Metal Flat Tip allows it to spin a little longer than if Storm Grip Base were used.





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