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Whale Crusher is an Attack Ring released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Seaborg 2.


  • Weight: 8 Grams

Whale Crusher is useful for Smash Attack as it has a very wide attack range. In left spin, Whale Crusher has the ability to perform Smash Attack. Eight Spiker is generally a better choice, but Whale Crusher's weight and size may prove more suitable to your strategy, as its larger diameter gives it a higher chance of making contact. Whale Crusher in right spin can be used in Defense type customizations and has a slight amount of Upper Attack. The Survival of this AR is generally considered to be too low to be used properly in a Defensive customization and Smash Turtle is usually preferred.

Use in OHKO Customisation[]

This style of attack is very risky as it generally has to win very quickly or it will just spin out, however the Metal Flat Tip allows it to spin a little longer than if Storm Grip Base were used.