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Attributes (Japanese: 属性(ぞくせい), zokusei) are the "elemental" properties associated with Takara Tomy's Chrome Wheels and Crystal Wheels, part of the Synchrome System/Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline. This gimmick featured emblems on each Element Wheel which indicated their Attribute.



Attribute Correlation Diagram

With the introduction of the Synchrome System, Takara Tomy introduced the player community to new types of Wheels that featured elemental associations. The Synchrome System enabled players to combine a Warrior Wheel and Element Wheel which could be flipped over to utilize either sides (Chrome/Crystal Up Mode). Element Wheels, in particular, featured a elemental Attribute crest. By the end of the toyline's production life, Takara Tomy released a total of 6 attributes: MFBZG attribute fire icon Fire, MFBZG attribute water icon Water, MFBZG attribute sky icon v2 Sky, MFBZG attribute earth icon v2 Earth, MFBZG attribute darkness icon Darkness, MFBZG attribute god icon God. Most of Attributes were released in Starters and Boosters, with only MFBZG attribute darkness icon Darkness Warrior Wheels being released in sets. The MFBZG attribute darkness icon Darkness Element Wheel, Phantom, was never released.

In a game designed for competitive play, Attributes served no practical function in real world Beyblade battles and became a novelty in the franchise overall. Under the Hasbro brand, the concept of Attributes were completely absent in their marketing, except for brief mentions in the naming of their Synchrome 2-Pack products.


With the inclusion of the Japanese hiragana along with the kanji in the logos of each Attribute, readings for their transliteration is simplified.

Hiragana みず てん やみ かみ
Romaji Hi Mizu Ten Chi Yami Kami
Translation Fire Water Sky Earth Darkness God















  • The MFBZG attribute sky icon v2 lightning bolt featured in the "Sky" logo led many to speculate that the attribute would be called "Thunder".
  • MFBZG attribute water icon Water is the only attribute that did not have a Random Booster release.
  • Takara Tomy promoted the Synchrome System with a "Correlation Diagram" (相関図, sōkanzu) for the Attributes. Given the structure, one could assume that a possible scoring system was devised but never implemented.
  • The Darkness attribute is the only attribute that did not have a full Beyblade released, as Phantom Fenrir T125JB's release was cancelled, leaving the only Darkness attribute parts to be released being the Balro Warrior Wheel.