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Augusto Claudius Lucius is one of the main characters of the anime series, BeyWarriors: Cyborg. He travels through Teslandia with Marius to collect the most Tokens for the city of Sunburst. His Cyborg Warrior is Sabre Lion.

Physical description[]


Augusto is first presented as formal, calm, courteous and quite lively. Augusto despite being a royal doesn't seem to care about status as he's shown to be polite towards Marius despite his status as a 'commoner' in Sunburst and acknowledged him as a fellow Beyfighter of Sunburst and even let Marius have the choice to serve under him.

Though due to his status as the ruler of Sunburst and history of his late father in addition to his young age, Augusto is often shown to look down on others typically from other nations to the point it comes across as conceited. An example is when Augusto believes Teslandia shown be ruled by Sunburst due to it's namesake.

Augusto is also highly intolerant to those who violate the law as shown with Gai disobeying the decision of the summit meeting. This is to the point he declared their battle after that a 'punishment' to atone for a crime he considers to be disgrace to Beyfighters alike.


BeyWarriors: Cyborg[]

Cyborg Warriors[]

Sabre Lion
Sabre Lion

Sabre Lion: Raw power, agility, defense, stamina, there's nothing that this prodigy Warrior doesn't excel in. Furthermore, Sabre Lion's roar send shockwaves strong enough to make the heavy-weight Minotaurus collapse into ground and attacks with its sharp claws.

However, Sabre Lion doesn't need to rely on its claws as it also uses long ranged attacks such as beams of light from it's palms capable of stunning other Warriors and to put Flight type Warriors in check.

Special Moves[]

  • Rising Wave:
  • Cross Sun Sword: