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The BBA is an organization featured in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000, Beyblade: V-Force and Beyblade: G-Revolution. BBA stands for the Beyblade Battle Association.


The BBA is a governing body who promotes Beyblade world wide. It is one of several leagues and Governing bodies that co-operate together to create a world championship, with the BBA organising the main World Event itself. It promotes Beyblade as a highly competitive sport with fierce Battles, consisting of Bladers from all walks of life, allowing for amateurs and unknowns like Tyson to enter and become champions through seasoning and experience. It does not tolerate cheating and if known, throws out teams (with Barthez Battalion escaped this only because nobody reported them for cheating).It also aids in the investigation of all things Beyblade relating, including research on fighting spirits (Bit-Beasts) and Beyblades.

The flexibility to the BBA terms and conditions for battling lead to the F-Dynasty team being able to negotiate terms for battle leading to their first two versus two Blader battle in the World Championship of that season. The BBA strives to create battles that suit the Bladers themselves, so if teams agree to certain terms, it allows that style of battle to occur.

However, the biggest issue with the BBA is that it is not a professional league. This latter lead to the rise of BEGA League when they bought out the BBA governing body itself.

At the series end, it was seen the BBA had restarted up again, going back to its roots as a sport anyone could enjoy with its Bladers teaching others how to battle and inspiring others as they had done. Mr. Dickenson ensures the Bladers that no matter what the BBA will build on what its players want from it as it returned back to normal.



Beyblade 2000[]

The BBA is formally introduced as the major league for Beyblading.

Beyblade V-Force[]

The BBA continues to operate, with the Bladebreakers (the current World Champions) as their representatives.

Beyblade: G-Revolution[]

After the World Championships, Boris Balkov manages to buy out the BBA, and then rebranded it as BEGA. BEGA, as well as the BEGA Headquarters, was destroyed after Tyson and Brooklyn's battle. Months after the Justice Five Tournament, the BBA restarts as a small shack near the location where Tyson had his first confrontation with Daichi in the first episode.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Mr. Dickenson MR. DICKENSON (G-REVOLUTION) Chairman Active
Susumu Hiwatari Director Active
Blader DJ BladerDJ1 Referee
Hiro Granger HIRO GRANGER (NORMAL) Metal Driger Coach Active
Mr. B Scientist
Ken Daiba President of the GBC Steering Committee Active
AJ Topper & Brad Best Commentators

(International Dubs only)