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The BBA World Championships, also known as the World Championship 2004 (ワールドチャンピオンシップ2004, Wārudo Chanpionshippu 2004) was a worldwide Beyblade championship held on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at Times Square, New York City in New York, US.

The world championship follows the same format as the other ones. In this case, Bladers across the globe compete in tournaments and the best ones become the representatives of the country they represent. In the end, the 10 Best Bladers of the World were then selected and sent to one location for a battle to decide the No. 1 Blader in the World.

The world championships received much hype and lived up to its expectations, as Bladers all over the world wanted to find out the No. 1 Blader. In the final match, Japanese representative, Kenta Hori and US representative, Noland Carcamo battled. Noland won his finals match against Kenta and subsequently, was crowned the title as the No. 1 Blader in the World.


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  • United States: Noland Carcamo
  • Mexico: Erick Cortes Reyes
  • United Kingdom: Nathan Howarth
  • Ireland: John O.
  • Germany: Christian D.
  • France: Maurice T. and Jeremy B. (tie between both reps)
  • Japan: Kenta Hori
  • Australia: Jacob M.

Battle method[]

The representatives battled each other in one-on-one matches which would then cultivate into the two last remaining reps who would then battle for the title of No. 1 Blader in the World. In this case, Kenta Hori and Noland Carcamo, with Noland winning.

Only regular Beyblades were competent for use in the championships. With this, RC Beyblades and anything of that norm were not allowed. Takara Beyblades were also eligible for use while HMS Blades were not.

The Bladers used an exclusive BeyStadium made especially and only for the world championships. Firstly, there were two long, rectangular prism-like pathways that would lead to the BeyStadium. Two Bladers would sit on opposite sides and launch their Beyblades at the count of "3, 2, 1... Let It Rip!". There, the Beyblades followed the pathways to the BeyStadium, where the main action would be held.

The BeyStadium was quite wide, allowing Beyblades to reach the exterior of it with a blue circle in the middle, where Beyblades would theoretically, suffer a loss of spin and speed.


  • There were rumours in early 2005 of a tournament to determine the champion for Canada. This never happened.[1]

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