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BC Sol (B(ビー)C(シー)ソル, Bī Shī Soru) is a team in Beyblade Burst Evolution and one of two representing Spain, the other being Sunbat United. Valt Aoi is currently the leader with Free De La Hoya as Second-in-Command, Kristina Kuroda is the manager and owner, and Raul Comas is their current BeyTrainer.

After their win at the World League finals, they claimed the title of World League Champions and the spot of the world's top Blading team. As stated in Theater of the Abyss! Bel vs. Valt!, BC Sol is still the world's top Blading team, featuring several legends among its ranks.


Member Image


Role Status
Valt Aoi
Valt grins
Genesis Valtryek.6V.Rb
Strike Valtryek.6V.Rb
Strike Valtryek.6V.Ul
Wonder Valtryek.12.Vl
Turbo Valtryek.Z.Ev Sword Valtryek.Bl.Pw 烈
Brave Valtryek.Ev' 2A
Salvage Valtryek.Sh-7 (Destroyed)
Ultimate Valtryek.Lg.V'-9
Ultimate Valtryek.Ov-Q.L-Q+V-3' (Anime only)
Leader Active

Free De La Hoya

Burst Superking - Free and Mirage Fafnir
Drain Fafnir.8.Nt
Geist Fafnir.8'.Ab (Manga only)
Geist Fafnir.8'P.Ab (Anime only)
Mirage Fafnir.Nt 2S
Vanish Fafnir.Tp.Kc-3
Second-in-Command Active
Rantaro Kiyama
Rantaro Kiyama Superking Debut
Berserk Roktavor.4C.Fl
Glide Roktavor.Wh.R 1S
Cyclone Roktavor.Gg.Nv-6 (Manga only)



Silas Karlisle
Silas Karlisle Superking Debut
Kinetic Satomb.2G.Lp
Curse Satomb.Hr.Un 1D
Member Active
Cuza Ackermann
Kuza's cute smile
Alter Cognite.6M.T Member Active
Shasa Guten
Images (2)
Giga Gaianon.V.Cy Member Active
Rickson Clay
Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 1.18.48 PM
Jumbo Jormuntor.J.U Member Active
Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 1.37.06 PM
King Kerbeus.G.R Member Active
Django Del Toro
Django Del Toro (Sunbat United)
Quill Quetziko.Q.H (Anime only)
Inferno Ifritor.M.L (Manga only)
Former Member Defected to Sun Bat United
Screenshot 2018-04-02 at 11.10
Beast Betromoth.I.P Former Member Defected To Royals
Stan Hamburg
Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 2.09
Nova Nepstrius.H.P (Anime only)
Phrenic Phantazus.P.W (Manga only)
Former Member Defected to SB Rios
Kit Lopez
Kit's coolness
Beast Betromoth.B.X (Video Game only)
Air Knight.12.Et (Anime only)
Air Knight.12E.Et
Whirl Knight.Tp-Q.J-Q+Bn-2 (Anime only)
Member Active
Honey Guten
Yugen Yegdrion.K.F (Video Game only) Member Active
Kristina Kuroda
Raging Roktavor.F.J Manager/


Raul Comas
Amaterios.∞ (Manga only)
Genesis Valtryek.∞ (Anime only)
BeyTrainer Active
Dante Koryu
Burst Surge E9 - Pumped Up Dante
Ace Dragon.St.Ch 斬
Glyph Dragon.St.Ch 斬
Rock Dragon.St.Ch 斬
Command Dragon.Ig'
Master Dragon.Ig'
Triumph Dragon.Cm 1A
Gambit Dragon.Kr-Q.Z-Q+Er-4' (Anime only)
Former Member Inactive (Defected to Victories)
Delta Zakuro
Burst Rise E25 - Pumped Up Delta
Venom Devolos.Vn.Bl
Erase Devolos.Vn.Bl
Master Devolos.Gn
Demise Devolos.4T.Mr' 1D (Manga only)
Abyss Devolos.5.F' 1S (Manga only)
Former Member Inactive (Defected to Victories)
Rashad Goodman
Clash! Dynamite Battle OP 3 - Rashad Goodman
Brave Valtryek.Ev' 2A
Salvage Valtryek.Sh-7
Glory Regnar.Ov.HXt+'
Former Member Inactive (Defected to Nexus)
Ilya Mao
Clash! Dynamite Battle OP 2 - Ilya Launching
Magma Ifritor.Cq-Q.J-Q+Wv-4 Former Member Inactive (Defected to Nexus)
Trad Vasquez
N/A Former BeyTrainer Inactive (Defected to Raging Bulls)


Event Result
Team Battle - vs. Sunbat United Win
European League 2nd (Tied)
World League Win



  • The word "Sol" in the team's name is Spanish for "sun", referring to the team's sun-shaped logo. Meanwhile, BC is short for "BeyClub".
  • Before joining BC Sol, Silas and Cuza were originally members of Sunbat United and Top Wand, respectively. However in the manga, Silas never joins Sunbat United and joined BC Sol the same day as Rantaro while Cuza never joins BC Sol after his club's matchup against them.
  • In the manga, Django, Stan and Ivan never leaves club to join Sunbat United, SB Rios and Royals respectively.
  • BC Sol has been around for generations, as it was confirmed that Jinbei Kuroda, Kristina's grandfather, and Raul Comas were once members of the team.
  • According to the manga, BC Sol's headquarters is in Barcelona, a city in Spain.