The Bai Fu Claw (白虎爪斬撃(バイフークロウ)) is a Special Move used by Ray Kon, when armed with his Driger Slash.H.F during Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising.




Ray commands Driger Slash.H.F to attack, summoning


While the caption in the panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "バイフークロウ" when transliterating from the proper kanji the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Japanese 白虎(びゃっこ) (そう) (ざん)(げき)
Transliteration Byakko Zangeki
Literal translation White Tiger, one of the Four Symbols in the Chinese constellations nail, claw slash; slashing attack
Translation White Tiger Claw Slashing Attack

When translated correctly and grammatically into English, the name of the attack can be interpreted as "White Tiger Slashing Claw" and transliterated as "Byakko Sōzangeki" (白虎爪斬撃(びゃっこそうざんげき)).

Also the term "Baifu" is a transliteration for the Chinese term for White Tiger, "Bái Hǔ".




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