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This article is about the Takara Tomy release. For the Hasbro release, see Bakushin Susanow 105F.

Bakushin Susanow 90WF is an Attack Type Beyblade that appears in the Metal Fight Beyblade: Bakushin Susanow Attacks! video game. It is owned by Takeru. It was released by Takara Tomy bundled with the video game.

A black recolor called the Lunar Eclipse Ver. was later released by Takara Tomy as a WBBA exclusive Booster. This version was also released by Hasbro with the Beyblade: Metal Masters video game and later in a Starter Pack.

Face Bolt - Susanow

Main article: Face Bolt - Susanow

The Susanow Face Bolt depicts "Susanoo", the Shinto god of the sea and storms in Japanese mythology. Susanoo makes up the majority of the design, with the sea below his head.

Energy Ring - Susanow

Main article: Energy Ring - Susanow

Susanow is a round, symmetrical Energy Ring, with stylized letters spelling "Susanow". Susanow has average weight distribution, but it is not heavy (or light) enough to find use in Defense or Stamina Type combinations. Furthermore, Susanow is not uneven and thus cannot provide aggressive movement for Attack Types. Susanow is easily outclassed by other more recently released Energy Rings.

Fusion Wheel - Bakushin

Main article: Fusion Wheel - Bakushin

Bakushin is a low-recoil Fusion Wheel with good Defense and Stamina capabilities. Despite its official Attack Type classification, Bakushin does not do well in Attack Type combinations as it lacks major points of contact, and has a smooth, round profile. This overall circular shape however, makes Bakushin useful in Defense Type combinations. Bakushin works best when paired with Energy Rings with a similar round profile, such as Leone I or Leone II, or other low-recoil Energy Rings like Tempo. The slanted, round edges of Bakushin also work well against Attack Type combinations, with low risk of knockouts.

Spin Track - 90

Track 90 img
Main article: Spin Track - 90

90 was the lowest Spin Track available until the release of 85. Its low height is good for both low height Attack customizations and low height Stamina customizations, but is outclassed slightly in both regards by the aforementioned 85.

Performance Tip - Wide Flat

Bottom wf img
Main article: Performance Tip - Wide Flat

Wide Flat (WF) is a wider variant of the Flat Performance Tip, and is twice the size of Flat. While Wide Flat is much faster due to the increased surface area, it has very poor grip and thus struggles to hold a flower-like pattern. It has since been outclassed in terms of width by Extreme Flat (XF).

Other Versions


  • Bakushin Susanow 90WF Lunar Eclipse Ver. - WBBA exclusive Booster
  • B-122 Bakushin Susanow 90WF - Hasbro Starter Pack release of the Lunar Eclipse Ver.
  • B-122 Bakushin Susanow 90WF - Lunar Eclipse Ver. with Metal Face Bolt bundled with the Beyblade: Metal Masters video game
  • B-122A Bakushin Susanow 90WF - Included in the Ambush Attack 2-Pack




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