Takao VS Kai (復活!ベイバトル Fukkatsu! Beibatoru) is the second chapter of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising manga. It was first released in the November 2016 issue of CoroCoro Aniki on November 15, 2016.


Kai returns to Japan after completing his studies. Tyson comes to know about this and tries to meet Kai, but when he reaches there he finds that Kai has left beyblading and is now controlling his grandfather's company. Tyson is shocked to hear this. He understands that Kai is abandoning his passion just to keep his grandpa, Voltaire's will. Tyson makes Kai understand and listen to his inner voice. Voltaire at last understands his mistake and allows Kai to carry on his journey. Tyson challenges Kai for a beybattle. Kai is about to be defeated when he uses his beyblading skills and defeats Tyson. Tyson and others are shocked but he is glad to find his friend back to action.

Major Events

  • Max Tate is revealed to have a new baby sister named Charlotte.
  • Ray Kon returns to China.
  • Kai Hiwatari is working for his grandfather's company, Hiwatari Enterprises as a special trainee.
  • Tyson Granger and Kai battle on the roof of Hiwatari Enterprises, with Kai being the victor.
  • Kai returns to Beyblade, having quit when his grandfather, Voltaire Hiwatari, became ill. While taking care of him, Voltaire also forbid him to play with Beyblades, having him only concentrate on work.
  • Voltaire regained control of Hiwatari Enterprises.
  • Voltaire faked having an illness to force Kai's hand into inheriting the company. Voltaire eventually changed his mind after seeing Kai battle with Tyson with the joy and happiness Voltaire hadn't experienced since he was a child, also using the battle as an excuse for his "sudden" recovery.



Featured Battles

  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon S .W.X) VS Unnamed Bladers (Unknown Burst Beyblades) = Tyson & Dragoon (Burst Finish)
  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon S .W.X) VS Kai Hiwatari (Dranzer S .S.T) = Kai & Dranzer (Rotation stopped)

Special Moves Used


Original (Japanese)

Translation (English)

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