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Draciel Full Force (ドラシエル全開! Dorashieru Zenkai!) is the third chapter of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising manga. It was first released in the March 2017 issue of CoroCoro Aniki on March 15, 2017.


Max and Tyson are seen beybattling and Ray denotes that his rotation speed is very high. Max uses his full defense in the battle, but ends up losing. Max tries to be cheerful and Mariah scolds him for being happy despite losing but,Ray tells her to cool down.

Max goes home and sulks. He lies on the sofa and his parents wonder what kills him. Then, they find that he lost to Takao. Then, Max's younger baby sister Charlotte goes to him and Max neglects his worries and gets confident after playing with her. Then, Kenny comes from no where and scares him. He advices him to use endurance in order to defeat Tyson. He gives him a driver for his beyblade.

Later, Tyson and Max have a rematch. Tyson was shocked to see that Max improved far better and Ray remarks that Draciel's driver compensates for it's lack of defense. Frustrated Takao, rises into action. Kenny seems to be happy that Max is nearing victory, but that doesn't satisfy Tyson and Ray. Tyson didn't want to get under some mechanical trap and Ray feels that Max has his own way of battling. Max too wasn't happy about it. Then, Max expresses that he wanted to win on fair grounds. He too says that himself and Draciel will become more stronger.

Suddenly, Mariah noticed that Draciel was acting weird. It's rotation speed was uncontrollable. Ray launches his beyblade to help. Both Tyson and Ray try stopping Max's bey but they weren't able to. Max's blade was forming smoke. Kenny then finds that Max's parts are overheated. On Ray's effort to stop Max's blade, his Drigger was sucked into Max's Draciel but successfully blows away the smoke from Max's Draciel using the special move. Unfortunately, Draciel's driver was broken into pieces. Ray's beyblade color seemed to have been changed. Kenny apologizes everyone for his fault but through this, Ray's beyblade is evolved to Darkness Driger.

Major events[]

  • Max get his new driver for his beyblade for the compensation of endurance.
  • Max's driver gets broken.
  • Ray's Beyblade is evolved to Darkness Driger.