The original Beyblade series consists of the three seasons, Beyblade, Beyblade: V-Force and, Beyblade: G-Revolution, based on the original manga, Beyblade. The series ran from 2001 to 2003. The story follows a team called the Bladebreakers who try to win a World Championship with spinning tops called Beyblades which hold beasts inside. Along the way they make new enemies and allies. It aired on TV Tokyo in Japan and was licensed for distribution by Nelvana for other territories. Each season consists of 51 episodes with the exception of G-Revolution, which contains 52 episodes, bringing it up to a total of 154 episodes produced. The series released since then are set in alternate continuities from the original Beyblade series with new characters and storylines. These series include Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, Metal Fury, and Shogun Steel (informally known as the Metal Saga) and Beyblade Burst.

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Tyson Granger, a young boy and his friend, Kenny enter the Japanese Regional Qualifying Beyblade Tournament. There he meets Ray Kon, Max Tate and, Kai Hiwatari and organize a team called the Bladebreakers in order to win the Beyblade World Championship.

Beyblade: V-Force

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The Bladebreakers have disbanded but their enemy teams reunite them quickly enough. Two new teams, Team Psykick and Saint Shields attack them by trying to steal their Bit-Beasts' for their own purposes. Beyblade skeptic Hilary Tachibana joins the team and throughout the season she learns the true value of Beyblading.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

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In order to face each other at the World Championship, Tyson, Max, Ray and Kai have once again disbanded the team and rejoined their old teams. With only Tyson, Kenny and Hilary left in the Bladebreakers, a new Blader, Daichi Sumeragi and Tyson's older brother Hiro Granger join them. Soon after the World Championship, the evil Boris creates BEGA as a replacement to the Beyblade Battle Association and to take control of all Beyblade activity. In order to stop Boris, Tyson challenges him, which leads to the creation of the Justice 5 tournament with the fate of Beyblade in the balance.

Beyblade: Rising

Beyblade Original Series Complete Bit beasts, Attacks And Launching Styles

Beyblade Original Series Complete Bit beasts, Attacks And Launching Styles

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A manga-only sequel to the series, following the characters after G-Revolution.

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