Bakuten Shoot Beyblade (爆転シュート ベイブレード ) was the third and final Beyblade game to be released on the Game Boy Color. It was released in 2001. It had its ties-ins with the manga.


The star is Daichi Sumeragi. Unlike the previous Beyblade game Beyblade Fighting Tournament, there is choice of just one bit-beast which upgrades itself over the course of the game. Beyblade parts are still bought from a shop. The fighting style seen in Beyblade Fighting Tournament is used once again, although a litle more control was assigned to the player in the form of a single special attack, once again there is a great deal of chance and beyblade strength contributing to each battle. This game also carries itself to the American tournement, of which the manga was up to by this point and features all characters from the manga up until this point as well. The storyline also is based on the manga, with events such as Max's loss to Emily also being witness, although Daichi is the main star.


The game is similar to the last game with the only new mechanic being the special attack. The purchasing system is roughly the same with little difference. Since it is more or less the same game as Beyblade Fight Tournement the same rules of chance apply to the player as Daichi. Things are mostly luck based and you launch the Beyblade and watch.


  • Both the White Tigers and the All-Starz make their first video game appearances.
  • Emily has pink hair in this game, as per Takao Aoki's original design for her as shown on his website.
  • Daichi does not have Strata Dragoon at any point in this game, because Strata Dragoon is a later creation once the boy got incorporated in the manga.
  • The game ends at the American tournament as the manga had yet to cover any further.
  • Contained also in the box was a foil card for the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade card game.
  • Future video games were linked with the anime, making this the only game linked directly in with the manga itself.
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