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Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002: Fierce Battle! Team Battle!! (爆転シュート ベイブレード2002 激戦!チームバトル!!) are the paired sequels to Bakuten Shoot Beyblade - Gekitou! Saikyou Blader. There are two versions of the game; Blue Dragon Chapter ~Takao Arc~ (青龍の章~タカオ編~, Seiryū No Shō ~Takao-hen~) and Gold Dragon Chapter ~Daichi Arc~ (黄龍の章~ダイチ編~, Ōryū No Shō ~Daichi-hen~)


The two versions of the game determine which Beyblader the player starts out with Tyson or Daichi (it is possible to get the missing blader). The player begins with three weak bladers: Seichi, Michiru, and Tanner Connor. These bladers have no fighting spirits or "Bit-Beast" and will need replacing as they only learn the three basic moves of the game and thus have no special moves. Though it is possible to beat the game with them, it will be a struggle to do so and is unrecommended for this reason. Players can name their own team though the default is "ABK".

The gameplay is the same as the previous two games in the series with one addition. Beybladers are now in "teams", those teams are as they are seen in the original series and V-Force.The team featured for battling against are; Bladebreakers (depending on which game version you have, depends on if Takao or Daichi is in the team), White Tigers, All Starz, Demolition Boys, Majestics, Saint Shields, Team Psykick, Bladebreakers. The player must defeat each team and progress through the game, with each team slowly getting stronger each stage of the way. Before each match, players select 3 of the 4 bladers they have set up for their team for battle.

The player can recruit other teams players for their own team over the course of the game, with each new unlocked team or teams being stronger then those unlocked previously, slowly giving the player stronger teams over time. As such, later unlocked teams like the Saint Shields are stronger then earlier teams like the White Tigers, and challenging other teams becomes more and more difficult as the game progresses. The strengths of each blader is different and the majority of teams have bladers like Kevin who are weak and each teams "leader" is the strongest member of that team; thus Ian versus Tala is a match unfairly pitched in Tala's favour. However, because of the way the teams progress, even the weakest blader of the stronger teams can be stronger then the bladers of weaker teams.

All Bladers level up and get stronger, and can be unlocked in game via a special match up as the team is unlocked, meaning unlocking the Saint Shields will allow the player to recruit all members and assign them to your own team. However, BBA team players are lined-up as substitutes and will replace any member you take onto your own team once unlocked. For example, if you recruit Mariah from the White Tigers, Rei will replace her. Max replaces any member of the USA team and Kai the Russian team. Using more then one blader from each team or using one blader and their replacement from the BBA team will make make the player unable to fight that team. The 5 BBA Beyblades Max, Tyson, Daichi, Kai and Rei have 1 extra attack move over all other beybladers in the game, allowing them to attack at times when other characters cannot. As a result, they can be some of the stronger characters in the game making it not always the best option to allow BBA members to replace members of a team.

Kaoru Amou and Makoto Amou return, and are joined by new characters Shougo Namba and Haruka Chizan. Their team name is changed too, going from Team Chizan to Team Amou. These four are also recruitable. As well, Kennosuke Shishi makes his first and only video game appearance as a solo blader. He's the most difficult to recruit.


  • This is the first time Strata Dragoon appears in the games.
  • All bladers can be unlocked.
  • If all characters are raised to their maximum level, the BBA bladers are often ranked the top bladers due to their extra move. However, overall Kai will be ranked as the strongest character.
    • This is partly because of how the stats of other bladers work out. For example, both Tyson and Max reach their top states in attack and defence long before most other bladers, therefore it cannot be raised any higher despite them gaining more levels. The stat increase is not distributed elsewhere either. This causes them by top level to be overall weaker then many other bladers in the game. Kai on the other hand has the most overall even of the 5 BBA characters and does not suffer as much. Rei and Daichi do not register as being as strong as him, even though the state gain for all 5 bladers is fairly even, simply due to where also their stat gains lay.
    • Weak bladers also have less stat raises per level making raising the weak members of each team less rewarding.