Balance is a type that finds a "balance" between more than one type. Some are a balance of two types which could benefit a Beyblade's performance, such as a combination of Defense and Attack or Stamina and Defense, but most beys classified as Balance-types are a mix of all three types. Balance-type Beyblades include Dark Bull H145SD, Evil Befall UW145EWD, Dark Gasher CH120FS, Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF, and Thermal Lacerta WA130HF.

There is at least one major flaw with Balance-types, however. This is that since this class of Beyblade tends to be fairly well-rounded in every category, they don't have any particular strong suit to counter any other particular type of bey. Because of this, Stamina-types are generally the best bet against Balance-types, since the latter tends not to be aggressive attackers that will upset a Stamina-type's stability.

Death and Hades are generally the best Balance Fusion Wheels, due to their inherent decent defense and smash attack. Metal Face Bolts of any kind can be helpful, like any other combo. Balance-types generally use mid-height Spin Tracks, such as 125-145 heights, but other heights can be useful in certain combos. Performance Tips like CS and WD are good for use on most all Balance-type combos, but with these beys a wide variety of tips can be used, so long as they have sufficient stability and Stamina.

Recommended Metal Fight Balance Combos

  • MF/MF-F Death Wolf/Bull/Aquario TH170CS/RDF/WD
  • MF-H Hades Kerbecs/Bull BD145CS (Boost Mode)
  • MF-F Hades Bull TR145RS
  • MF-H Death Bull D125/CH120CS/WD
  • MF-F Death Bull/Wolf B:D
  • Blitz Orion BD145EDS
  • MF/MF-L Death Orion/Striker (Unicorno) II W145CS
  • MF Death Jupiter 105/W105/DF105BWD/WD