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Insert Hasbro Name, known as Baldur Bumper Bite (バルドゥール・バンパー・バイト, Barudūru Banpā Baito) in Japan, stylized as βaldur βumper βite, is a Defense Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System. It was released as a Rare Bey Get Battle prize in Japan on June 25th, 2016.

Energy Layer - Baldur

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Baldur is a Defense Type Energy Layer that features a decagonal shape with a face on the right side, meant to represent this Layer's Japanese namesake; Baldur the Nordic God of Light. Each side of the decagonal shape alternates between a shield like protrusion and a smaller protrusion made of clear plastic. While such a rough perimeter may imply high recoil, the obtuse angle from the decagonal shape and the small gaps limit recoil enough for the Japanese Baldur's medium length teeth to withstand. Due to these features, Baldur performs well in Defense Combinations, however it lags behind other Layers such as Dark Deathscyther and Alter Chronos.

Forge Disc - Bumper

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Bumper features a cuboidal design, akin to the mineral Bismuth, with numerous gaps in each square. Due to these gaps, Bumper is very lightweight and ill-suited for KO Defense or Attack and the rough perimeter makes it ill-suited for Stamina as well due to its poor Life After Death. While the light weight can bolster Burst resistance, other Forge Discs such as Knuckle can do the same with greater Stamina.

Performance Tip - Bite

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Bite features a wide ball tip composed of rubber, akin to Metal Fight Beyblade's Rubber Ball Performance Tip. Unlike Rubber Ball however, the rubber used in Bite is very hard, akin more to rubberized plastic due to the lighter weight and thus lowered inertia of the Burst System. Despite this, Bite still has the excellent KO resistance and poor Stamina that are standard in rubber tips used for Defense due to the increased friction on a small surface area.

Alternative Versions

  • Baldur Bumper Bite (Evil God version)



Takara Tomy





  • In the Burst anime, no one owns this Bey. But in the Burst manga, this Bey is owned by Count Nightfell, which he is named after Night Baron, a fictional character created by Yusaku Kudo from the Detective Conan anime franchise.


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