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Bandit Genbu is an Endurance Attack Right-Spin BeyWarrior. It is based on the Beybattle Top, Bandit Genbu F230TB and released sometime in 2014 for $10.99USD.


Bandit Genbu's Head is modeled after a tortoise's, specifically from the Black Tortoise of the North. Cyan in color, it is square-like with a horn on top, crests over its red eyes and a beak-like nose. Its lower jaw is very spiky.

Warrior Weapons: Bandit[]

Bandit is a newer version of the original Bandit Warrior Weapons. This time, it is composed of metallic light blue shoulder-plates over turquoise arms with snakes wrapped around and binding them while the arms' hands are in fists, using labryses. Each arm is slightly curved and the snakes have scales for details while the labryses also don slightly curved blades.

Battle Core: Genbu[]

Genbu is mostly a blue Battle Core with metallic light blue highlights. It uses many armor plates on its chest and stomach areas and has diamond-like designs on its holding latch. Its "Warrior Wheel" is a simplistic one with little detail to show.

Shogun Tip: Endurance[]

The Endurance Shogun Tip is used with all Endurance Attack battlers and as its name suggests, is used for stamina properties. It is turquoise and uses a small, sharp tip to conserve, save and extend spin time.

Extra Warrior Weapons: Gladiator[]

Gladiator are dark blue Warrior Weapons with winged appendages and bent arms holding two long swords. Due to the blades' designs, they suggest offensive uses.

Product description[]

  • Customize and collect with the BeyWarriors battlers
  • Bandit Genbu BW-23 is an Endurance Attack battler
  • Battler has Bandit Endurance Warrior Weapons and comes with extra set of Gladiator Speed Warrior Weapons
  • Switch weapons to customize for different battle tactics
  • Switch Warrior Weapons and Shogun Tips among your BeyWarriors Battlers (other battlers sold separately) to see how different combinations change the way they battle

Includes 1 5-piece battler, ripcord, assembly instructions, extra set of Warrior Weapons and collector card.

  • Ages 8 and up
  • Only use BeyWarriors Battlers with a Beystadium (sold separately).
  • Ripcord works only with BeyWarriors Battlers.

Spin and smash into a new dimension of Beyblade battles with weapon-armed creatures to customize and collect! This 5-piece Bandit Genbu BeyWarriors battler fights with Bandit Endurance Speed Warrior Weapons, but it comes with an extra set of Gladiator Speed Warrior Weapons so you can customize its battle tactics. Customize your battlers with different Warrior Weapons and Shogun Tips (other battlers sold separately) to find the perfect strategic combination. Rule the arena with your Bandit Genbu battler! Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.


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