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Barnard's Loop is a Special Move used by Chris and his Phantom Orion B:D.


Barnard's Loop works by Orion changing from Attack Mode to Stamina and the four lights on the Phantom Fusion Wheel and the three lights on the Orion Face Bolt glowing a starlight blue. Then, Orion uses the seven lights to blast a wall of light into space, creating the Orion constellation (the Japanese Orion's Belt, not the Greek constellation; Orion the Hunter).

Each star creates a downpour of purple aura one after another until all the stars have released their lights. All the lights merge to create a blast shaped like a purple, 3-Dimensional Orion's Belt. Orion then releases a colossal ghostly beast. Orion's beast then devours the opposing Beyblade's beast and creates a cataclysmic explosion.




Phantom Orion Special Move - Barnard Loop D

Credit by mounthagane


  • Chris only used the mode-changing stage (from the Bey changing modes to releasing the Orion's Belt-shaped blast) in his battle against Masamune Kadoya, where he had just awoken as a Legendary Blader.
  • It actually comes from the loop in the Orion constellation which is a huge red cloud called Barnard's Loop.