A barrage attack is a technique that involves hitting the other Bey multiple times, in order to force the opponent back and deplete their spin. Also, Beys that utilize this often have a fusion wheel that has multiple jagged contact points, to deliver many hits in one rotation. These contact points can be small protrusions for spike attack, or they are gaps that can trap the other Bey. This produces lots of smash attack, and can push back the other Bey. Also, it requires aggressive tips such as RF, R2F or XF, recoil reducing parts, such as a Metal Face Bolt or heavy energy ring. Being light enough to catch up to the other Bey, and recovering from attacks easily are also important. This allows repeated attacks to occur. However, it can be disastrous to miss your target, so a medium spin track and controllable tip is needed. Sliding Shoot is very effective at bring this about. Some Beys, such as Omega Dragonis, Blitz Striker, Cosmic Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago have a "barrage mode", also called multi-hit mode, which have more protrusions than normal, but smaller protrusions. You can switch the modes by disassembling it, sliding the metal frame/energy ring and reassembling it. This can also be useful for defense, as it pushes the other Bey away, but not for stamina purposes.

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