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Battle Bladers is a Beyblade tournament situated in Metal Bey City.

Entry Requirements

The Battle Bladers tournament required a blader to obtain 50,000 Beypoints on their Beypointers. These were obtained by battling in various battles and in other Battle Bladers qualifier tournaments. However, Dark Nebula Bladers did not need to earn the 50,000 points to enter and were allowed to battle by the orders of Doji.


Name Beyblade Used Beypoints Upon Entry Position Eliminated by
Gingka Hagane Storm Pegasus 105RF 95,000 Champion N/A
Ryuga Lightning L-Drago 100HF N/A (Dark Nebula) Runner-up Gingka Hagane
Kyoya Tategami Rock Leone 145WB 50,500 Top 4 Ryuga
Reiji Mizuchi Poison Serpent SW145SD N/A (Dark Nebula) Top 4 Gingka Hagane
Tsubasa Otori Earth Eagle 145WD N/A (WBBA) Top 8 Ryuga
Kenta Yumiya Flame Sagittario C145S 50,500 Top 8 Reiji Mizuchi
Ryutaro Fukami Thermal Pisces T125ES N/A (Dark Nebula) Top 8 Gingka Hagane
Benkei Hanawa Dark Bull H145SD 50,600 Top 8 Kyoya Tategami
Hikaru Hasama Storm Aquario 100HF/S 51,500 Top 16 Ryuga
Hyoma Rock Aries ED145B 50,100 Top 16 Reiji Mizuchi
Reiki Sodo Evil Gemios DF145FS N/A (Dark Nebula) Top 16 Tsubasa Otori
Kumasuke Kumade Rock Orso D125B N/A (Dark Nebula) Top 16 Kyoya Tategami
Yu Tendo Flame Libra T125ES N/A (Dark Nebula) Top 16 Gingka Hagane
Teru Saotome Earth Virgo GB145BS 50,000 Top 16 Ryutaro Fukami
Tetsuya Watarigani Dark Gasher CH120SF N/A (Dark Nebula) Top 16 Kenta Yumiya
Tobio Oike Storm Capricorn M145Q N/A (Dark Nebula) Top 16 Benkei Hanawa


Eliminator Round




Champion: Gingka Hagane


  • This is the first major tournament of the Metal Saga.
  • Yu Tendo designed this tournament by winning the Survival Battle. It was intended to be a method of powering up L-Drago.
  • Beypoints have not been used after this tournament.