Bell Daikokuten (大黒天ベル, Daikokuten Beru) is the main protagonist of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst DB. He is known as the Demon King (魔王, Maō) and fights with his Beyblade, Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture-2.


Bell is a short boy with a multi-color hair: a red Mohawk and dark-purple hair with magenta rhombus highlights, pale skin, turquoise eyes, and black eyeliner. His attire consists of a gray shirt with a right long sleeve that sports a black cuff, the left sleeve is rolled up to the shoulder and a magenta cat-style skull, a black Dracula-style cape with a red interior, a brown belt with a gold buckle, dark-gray pants with a black strap on each leg, azure and yellow striped long socks, white boots with crimson soles, an azure band around his left bicep, and a fingerless black-cuffed maroon glove on his left hand.




Beyblade Burst DB


Special Moves

  • Dynamite Bomber: Utilizing its speed, Dynamite Belial strikes its opponent Beyblades with the Dynamite Blade at full forces, dealing massive damage.
  • Venture Shoot: The Venture Driver tip gains an increase in rotation speed, allowing Dynamite Belial to accelerate at increasing speed and bombard the opposing Beyblade with swift strikes.


Beyblade Burst DB
Opponent Episode Result
Basara Suiryuu 01 Win (2-0)
Lui Shirosagi 01 Win (2-0)
Ranzo Kiyama 02 Win (2-0)
Ranzo Kiyama 02 TBA

Official Description

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst DB




Theme Songs

Clash! Dynamite Battle

Concept Art


  • Bell shares the same Japanese voice actress as Laban Vanot.
  • Bell is the first Burst protagonist since Valt Aoi to make their Bey sometime before the first episode of their season.
  • Bell is the first DB character whose initials are the same as his Bey: Dynamite Belial.
  • Bell is the second Burst protagonist to destroy a Bey, first being Aiger Akabane, but unlike Aiger, Bell accidentally destroyed Ranzo's Glide Roktavor.


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