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—Benkei throughout the anime series

Benkei Hanawa (花輪ベンケイ / 花輪弁慶, Hanawa Benkei) is one of the protagonists of the Metal Saga, first appearing in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

He is a former member of the Face Hunters under the leadership of Kyoya Tategami. He and Kyoya later reformed and became best friends, Benkei always supporting Kyoya from the sidelines hoping to be right next to him when it counts. During Big Bang Bladers, Benkei joined Kyoya's Team Wild Fang under his alter ego: The Masked Bull. He is an energetic and enthusiastic Blader with the heart of a bull that matches his partner: Dark Bull H145SD.

By the events of Beyblade: Shogun Steel, Benkei has become the owner of a local fast-food restaurant called the Bull Burger while occasionally working as a WBBA coach.


Benkei is tough and physically strong. He has a big build with a large stomach, and his feet are said to be the sizes of the characters’ heads. His short purple hair is normally covered by his white beanie hat that has a red bull's skull on it. His eyes are of a reddish brown. He wears a red and black jacket with red strip on both the front side that is usually zipped on his torso, white bands around his wrists, gray shorts on his legs, and black shoes on his huge feet. He also has a brown belt with a holster covered by his jacket in which he keeps his Bey Gear. As the Masked Bull, he wears a wrestler outfit.

In Shogun Steel, Benkei is shown wearing brown boots with black laces, green cargo pants and a black jacket with a white puffy collar and yellow sleeve stripes and pockets. In addition, he now sports a beard.


Benkei seems tough and burly on the outside and looks like a typical bully, but he is actually very kind and has a good heart and a love for burgers. Whenever that part of him shows too much, he tries to cover it up because he doesn't want other people to think of him as soft. He also admires Kyoya very much, which causes him to tear up, or cry when Kyoya has his moments; going as far as to hug him in Episode 11, when he sees that Kyoya has awakened. He stubbornly follows Kyoya around, never giving up on their friendship. For the sake of Kyoya, Benkei can endure a lot - no matter how harshly he is treated, he will wordlessly forgive it. He is also a very determined Blader, and does not give up easily in hard situations.

Benkei is a former member of the "Face Hunters" gang. As a part of this group, he acted ruthlessly and didn't shy down from hurting weaker and smaller children. This largely changes after he befriends Kenta and Benkei begins helping out others. Coincidentally, he was removed from the Face Hunters exactly because of this side. He is also known to be overconfident thinking he can beat Ryuga despite Ryuga's power being far stronger than his.

As a loud and expressive person, Benkei sometimes gets into fights with his friends, but he doesn't seem able to hold a grudge for long. He is a very loyal friend, not only to Kyoya, but also increasingly to the rest of the group. Despite the fact that he can sometimes be rather naive, his friendship is rightfully held in high regard by most.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion[]

One day Benkei and two other Face Hunters approach Kyoya Tategami challenging him to battle. Kyoya tells Benkei he has no intent to battle weak bladers and leaves. The other two Face Hunters believe that Kyoya is just saying that because he himself is weak causing the Lion bladder to smirk. Benkei and Kyoya battle with Kyoya coming out the victor. Benkei gets back up and challenges Kyoya again. Kyoya beats Beneki in many other battles causing the big blader to fall down. While Benkei's friends ask if he is ok, Benkei laughs and declares Kyoya to be his hero. He says he will now follow Kyoya anywhere causing the later to except it. From then on Kyoya started the Face Hunters with Benkei as his second in command. They were known to be quite a danger in Metal Bey City as many kids lost there beypoints to them. Beneki and the other Face Hunters were known to be quite ruthless as they beat many opponents during there 100 bey battle causing them to steal beypoints from their beaten opponets.

In Metal Fusion, Benkei is first seen with the Face Hunters. After Kenta Yumiya had defeated his opponent in a Bey battle, during a tornment awaiting him were Benkei and 3 other members from the Face Hunters, ready to steal his points. Benkei pressures Kenta into battling him, Kenta, refusing to battle because what they were doing was wrong, had no other choice. Meanwhile Benkei and Kenta battle and just before Benkei was about to deliver the finishing move, Gingka Hagane appears and interrupts the battle and saves Kenta from a brutal defeat. Benkei furiously challenges Gingka and the remaining Face Hunters join into the battle to give Gingka a handicap. But Gingka easily defeats them and Benkei retreats, swearing that he will pay Gingka back for what he did. Benkei and the gang retreat to their leader Kyoya Tategami and tell him what has happened.

But Kyoya is not pleased that they lost and tells them that they should challenge Gingka again and defeat him by whatever means necessary. Near the river where Gingka is taking a nap, he awakens to see Benkei and a group of Face Hunters, awaiting him to battle. Benkei takes Gingka to an old construction site and challenges Gingka a 100 vs 1 battle, and Gingka accepts the challenge without getting worried. Gingka defeats Benkei and his gang and he retreats from the battlefield once again.

Due to his idol Kyoya losing to Ginga Doji contacted Kyoya and his gang taking them to a foggy location. Doji wanted Kyoya to join him which Kyoya refused. Doji however challenges Kyoya to a Beybattle, but his Face Hunters gang steps in to test Doji's strength in a battle first. Benkei and the other Face Hunters challenge Doji, but when he takes out his Dark Wolf Bey, Benkei remarks that it's "rare". Even with Doji outnumbered by a few opponents, his vicious Wolf easily takes Benkei and the others down. Kyoya loses to Doji soon after and is thus taken away. The Face Hunters return to their warehouse hideout, where the unnamed members express concern to Benkei about Kyoya saying that can't believe he lost twice in a row to Gingka Hagane and Doji. Benkei explains to his friends that Kyoya had no other choice but to do some training with Doji and they can't do anything until he contacts them. Benkei however wonders who Doji really is and where he took Kyoya.

Doji later gave Dark Bull to Benkei and told him to defeat Gingka so Kyoya can return faster. After training with Bull and beating some Face Hunters, he still lost to Gingka. Benkei found Tetsuya Watarigani, a Blader who was obsessed with crabs (Owner of Dark/Mad Gasher/Cancer), and asked him to set a crab trap on Gingka. Tetsuya then captured Madoka and used her as bait for Gingka. Benkei, however, set Madoka free, believing that you should play fair to battle someone. Later on, Benkei found Hikaru Hasama (owner of Storm/Wind Aquario), and asked her to beat Gingka. Hikaru searched the city for Gingka, but because he was sick, Kenta replaced him and said he was Gingka. Kenta was badly beaten multiple times by Hikaru until he lost all of his Beypoints, and Benkei who was appalled by Kenta's defeat(s) decided to train Kenta to make him more powerful as a Blader. Here's when Benkei becomes more mature and "good". His voice becomes more high-pitched and he becomes friendly to the gang but doesn't admit their friendship. Benkei helped Kenta master his special move and so Kenta defeated Hikaru. At the end of the same episode, Tetsuya snitches on Benkei and tells the face hunters that Benkei helped Kenta, and so he was kicked out. At this time Kyoya was away and Tetsuya tries to be in charge of the Face Hunters. However, later Kyoya returns disbands the Face Hunters with the gang telling the ex Facehunter what happened, regaining friendship with the gang and Benkei and Kenta team up on a battle against Kyoya and they lose miserably. Kyoya tells them to find Gingka and he wanted to battle him one more time. However, Benkei had collapsed so Kenta carried him to B-Pit where they found Gingka and Madoka. They make Benkei rest and he weakly tells Gingka to battle Kyoya and bring back his Bladers spirit, Gingka agrees and Benkei collapses satisfied. They think he is dead and nearly start crying but then Benkei starts snoring. Later that episode Gingka was losing but Benkei had quickly recovered and started cheering him on. As this happens Gingka defeated Kyoya. Doji then shows up and knocks over a sculpture which was going to hit Kenta and Madoka but Benkei aids them. Next Benkei follows Gingka when he follows Doji. Benkei is helping Gingka infiltrate the Dark Nebula and then watching Gingka lose to Ryuga, Gingka's all time rival. He joins Kenta, Kyoya and Madokia to Koma Village where they meet Hyoma. Benkei is seen as a main character and during the survival tournament he Kenta and Hikaru are defeated by Yu Tendo and his Libra. Benkei also enters battle Bladers and various tournaments. Benkei is seen battling Tetsuya Watarigani and loses due to Tetsuya's cheating which Gingka uses to beat Tetsyua. He later partakes in a challenge match where he watches Gingka beat Ryutaro Fukami. Later he battles Tsubasa Otori while Yu faces an unknown blader, Kenta faces Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo and Kyoya Tategami faces Hikaru Hasama. Benkei vows to crush any dark Nebula blader he battles only for Tsubasa to mock his judgement. Tsubassa has Earth Eagle 145 WD run away from Dark Bull much to Benkei's frustration. Benkei starts to get distracted with Kenta's battle against Dan and Reikei causing Tsubassa to remind him to keep his eyes on the stadium causing Benkei to use Bull Uppercut. Tsubassa blocks the attack with Metal Wing Smash causing Bull to fall down and loss much to Benkei's anger. Tsubassa reminds Benkei that as a blader he must keep his eyes on the staduim at all times and walks away. After Kyoya wins against Hikaru Benkei cheers for his friend then tells Kenta to beat the Sodo twins for the both of them. Following Kenta's win over Dan and Reiki's new bey Evil Gemios DF145 FS Benkei rushes up and congrulats Kenta saying how proud he is that he won. Benkei then supports Kenta before the battle royal telling him that he should stand up and face his opponets head on. Yu interupots them by telling Kenta how much he wants to battle him. Yu then isults Benkei by moking him over his loss to Tsubassa much to Benkei's anger. Once Yu leaves Benkei mentions how confused he is that Yu is part of Dark Nebula yet so nice to them. In the Battle Bladers tournament after deafting Tobo in the first round he finally has a chance to battle against Kyoya and show him how much he's improved. Despite the fact that he loses, Kyoya acknowledges his progress, which makes Benkei incredibly happy.

By the time of Gingka's final battle with Ryuga, Benkei is there to cheer him on although Ryuga beats Benkei bad before the final.

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

As the WBBA opens up after the Dark Nebula incident, Benkei takes part in the reopening tournament for the WBBA, he makes it to the semi-finals to face Tsubassa. While he puts on a good fight even giving Earth Eagle some trouble he is ultimily beaten by Tsubassa while Teru Saotome loses to Yu.

Benkei appears in the Selection Matches for Team Gan Gan Galaxy, but fails to join. He then joins Team Wild Fang as their 4th Blader, the substitute, alongside Kyoya Tategami, Nile, and Demure. In the team, Benkei appears as the Masked Bull, trying to be anonymous though Kenta and makoka know it his him. Benkei did not battle against Team Chandora though it was Team Wild Fang's thrid round in the tournament, due to Nile and Kyoya's consecutive victory. During Team Wild Fang's match against Team GanGan Galaxy Nile defeated Masamune Kadoya allowing Team Wild Fang to gain the lead. Then the match between Gingka and Kyoya ends in a tie. Next Beneki would team up with Demure to face Tsubasa Otori and Yu Tendo. Demure and Benkei had the advantage until Tsubasa lost control and caused all of them to spin out except him. After Kyoya loses to Gingka and Masamune alongside Nile he gets upset. Later he leaves with Kyoya to do training and watches the final battle of the world champion ships. During GanGan Galaxy's final match with Team Star Breaker Ryuga returns which sparks Kyoya's interest to investigate so he along with Nile, Benkei and Demure head to America to see if something bigger was going on.

During their time in America Dr. Ziggurat reveals the Spiral Force as Gingka and Co. try to stop him. He and Demure join in a battle helping Kenta, Mei-Mei, Chao Xin, and Chiyun Li battle Selen Garcia and Enso Garcia thus beating them.

He then joins the fight to destroy the Spiral Force located in Hades City, alongside team Gan Gan Galaxy, Wild Fang, Excalibur and Wang Zhu Zhong. By this time, he's taken off his mask and acts as Benkei again. In an attempt to escape with the Spiral Force Dr.Ziggurat launches Hades City and during that launch Benkei along with the rest of Team Wild Fang rush to get aboard. They are intercepted by Team Garcias who they battle alongside several beybladers from HD Academy.

Benkei along with Nile, Kyoya and Demure defeat Ian Garcia and his band of HD Academy Bladers but are too late in boarding Hades City leaving them behind. He then arrives alongside Kenta to great Gingka and the others after they saved Faust and the world and says that no mater what he will get stronger.

Beyblade: Metal Fury[]

Benkei has remained best friends with Kyoya until Kyoya ran away due to his anger of being teased by the Legendary Blader of Saturn, Aguma, which causes Benkei to train hard to try to become a Legendary Blader so that he can one day impress Kyoya again and that they can travel together. They became best friends again after Kyoya saw the errors of his ways and his anger subsided (which made Benkei jump for joy). In the final battle he gives Gingka his power to beat Nemesis and save the world. He then watches Gignka and Kyoya battle cheering for his friend.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel[]

Benkei appears in Beyblade: Zero-G as the owner of the fast-food restaurant Bull Burger that Zero Kurogane and Maru seem to enjoy. As a registered WBBA Coach, he agrees to help Zyro train in "Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G: Episode 2" to become strong enough to defeat Shinobu Hiryuin and Ninja Salamander SW145SD. He later then trains the whole gang. He then starts a new training program with other bladers such as Akuya Onizaki after Zero wins Neo battle bladers. When Kira Hayama and DNA start attacking Benkei tells Zero that they will win.

Video Games[]

Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress[]

Before Gingka Hagane and Kenta Yumiya got sucked up into the fortress, Benkei either got sucked up into the fortress or he lost a battle to one of the B-Killers. When Gingka and the gang arrived at the Track Area, they stumble upon Benkei in one of the rooms. Benkei does not want to leave the area since he needs the molecule powers to become more powerful so that he may get Kyoya's respect. Kyoya was furious and decided to battle against him to snap him out of it. Kyoya eventually won against him, snapping him out from gaining the molecule powers. After apologizing for his actions and Benkei runs away from the group.


Kyoya Tategami: Benkei has a great relationship with Kyoya, whom he looks up to. Benkei was originally part of the Face Hunters when Kyoya abandoned them. Benkei cries out, "That's my Kyoya!", whenever Kyoya does something great. Benkei is sometimes get over protective, but thats just because he and Kyoya are really good buddy's.

Kenta Yumiya: Benkei views Kenta as a "little brother" type figure and is protective of him. In Metal Fusion, when he see's Kenta losing badly with Hikaru, he comes to aid Kenta and he gives him the "Secret Training", with which Kenta is able to later defeat Hikaru Hasama. He cared for him when Kenta's hand was fractured due to Tetsuya's trap.

Yu Tendo Benkei did not like Yu very well due to his strange behavior and being a member of the Dark Nebula. However, Yu got along well with him and the other members of Gingka's gang. Yu told Benkei that he was very disappointed that Benkei had been defeated by Tsubasa. After Yu left the Dark Nebula, their relationship improved and they became friends. As shown in the movie, they sometimes spend time together and with Kenta.


  • Heat Cetus 125FS: Benkei's first Beyblade. It is a balance type bey that is later replaced by Dark Bull. It is only seen in Metal Fusion in the first 3 episodes.
  • Dark Bull H145SD: Benkei's primary Beyblade in most of the Metal Saga. It was given to him by Doji in Metal Fusion.

Special Moves[]

  • Bull Uppercut: Bull goes underneath the targets spin track to uppercut it into the air with the horns, causing the target to lose control and crash.
  • Red Horn Uppercut: Bull digs itself under the ground to make it underneath the opponent, then Bull will use its amp; horns to uppercut the opponent.
  • Tornado Bull Uppercut: Bull goes underneath the bey to tip itself and uppercut the opponent, but Bull follows up by following through while in the air to uppercut the opponent further into the sky, giving it no chance of recovering in the air, but adds an added risk to Bull's landing as well.
  • Maximum Stampede: Bull uses all of its raw attack power in one attack; the raw energy materializes into a flaming aura that represents the incredible attack power of the head on assault.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown Bladers (Tag w/ 99 Face Hunters) Offscreen Win
Kenta Yumiya and Gingka Hagane MF001 Lose
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ 4 Face Hunters) MF001 Lose
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ 99 Face Hunters) MF001 Lose
Kyoya Tategami (Tag w/ 5 Face Hunters) MF002 Lose
Doji (Tag w/ 5 Face Hunters) MF003 Lose
Kyoya Tategami (Flashback) MF004 Lose (many times)
10 Face Hunters MF004 Win
Gingka Hagane MF004 Lose
Kenta Yumiya MF007 Win (many times)
Tetsuya Watarigani MF007 Win
Kenta Yumiya MF009 Lose
Kyoya Tategami (Tag w/ Kenta) MF009 Lose
Dark Nebula Beyblades (Tag w/ Gingka, Kenta, and Kyoya) MF011 Win
Dark Nebula Beyblades (Tag w/ Gingka) MF012 Win
Giant Beyblade (Tag w/ Gingka, Kenta, and Kyoya) MF012 Win
Dark Nebula Bladers (Tag w/ Gingka, Kyoya, and Kenta) MF012 No Outcome (interrupted by Ryuga)
Hyoma MF016 Lose
Kenta Yumiya MF018 No outcome
Kenta Yumiya MF019 No outcome
Osamu and Takashi (Tag w/ Kenta) MF019 Win
2 Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Kenta) MF019 Win
2 Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Kenta) MF019 Win
2 Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Kenta) MF019 Win
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Kenta) MF019 No Outcome
2 Tournament Bladers (Tag w/ Kenta) MF019 Win
4 Survival Battle Bladers MF020 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani (Tag w/ Kenta, Osamu, Takashi, and Akira) MF020 Win
Yu Tendo, Kenta Yumiya, Hikaru Hasama MF021-MF022 Lose
Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, Kenta Yumiya, Hikaru Hasama, Hyoma, Osamu, Takashi, Akira Tetsuya Watarigani MF023 Lose
Tournament Blader MF024 Win
Tournament Blader (1st round) MF028 Win
Tournament Blader (2nd round) MF028 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani MF028 Lose
Tsubasa Otori MF031 Lose
Ryuga, 98 Tournament Bladers MF035 Lose
Tournament Blader MF038 Win
Tsubasa Otori MF038 Lose
Tobio Oike MF040 Win
Kyoya Tategami MF043 Lose
Ryuga MF050 Lose
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Tournament Blader (1st round) MM001 Win (offscreen)
Tournament Blader (2nd round) MM001 Win (offscreen)
Tsubassa Otori MM001 Lose
Multiple Unknown Bladers MM004 Win
Japanese Selection Match MM004 Lose (5th place)
Gingka Hagane, Kenta Yumiya MM006 Lose
African selection match Offscreen Win
Tsubasa Otori and Yu Tendo (Tag w/ Demoure) MM022 Lose
Selen Garcia and Enso Garcia (Tag w/ Kenta, Demoure, Mei-Mei, Chao Xin, and Chiyun Li) MM045 Win
Ian Garcia and HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Team Wild Fang) MM046 Win
Metal Fight Beyblade vs Sun: Sol Blaze
Opponent Result
Masamune Kadoya Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Masamune, Yu, Tetsuya, Teru and Tournament bladers) Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Masamune, Yu, Teru and Tournament bladers) Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Yu and Kenta) Lose
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Kyoya Tategami 4D002 Lose
Kyoya Tategami 4D002 Lose (Flashback)
ToRyumon Round 1 Bladers (Tag w/ Kyoya) 4D009 Win
Johannes and Motty (Tag w/ Kyoya) 4D010 Win (eliminated)
Aguma and Bao (Tag w/ Kyoya) 4D011 Lose
Johannes, Bao, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Nile and Demure) 4D019 Win
Aguma, Bao, Johannes, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Gingka, Kyoya, Dynamis, Yuki, Nile, and Demure) 4D022 No Outcome (eliminated)
Multiple Beystar Island Bladers 4D023 Win
Multiple Beystar Island Bladers 4D024 Win
Beystar Island Bladers 4D025 Win
Yuki Mizusawa 4D025 No outcome (tournament ended)
Chris, Aguma, Bao, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Gingka, King, Yuki, Zeo and Toby) 4D026 No Outcome (interrupted by Ryuga)
Johannes, Bao, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ Toby and Zeo) 4D033- 4D035 No Outcome (interrupted by Ryuga)
Ryuga (Tag w/ Toby, Zeo, Johannes, Bao and Beylin fist) 4D035 Lose
Kyoya Tategami 4D041 No Outcome (earthquake)


Beyblade: Metal Fusion[]

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

Beyblade: Metal Fury[]

Video Game Appearances[]


  • In the English dub, he says "B-b-b-b-b-b-bull!" as a recurring theme before launching his bey.
      • When Blader DJ announces Benkei's name he says "B-b-b-b-Benkei!!".
  • He is the only member of Team Wild Fang who doesn't use a regular 145 Spin Track.
    • He is also the only member who doesn't use a Defense Type Beyblade.
  • He, along with Kyoya, Tsubasa, Hikaru and Yu, were the only members of Gingka's gang to be former antagonists.
  • He, along with Yu Tendo, Tsubasa Otori, and Hikaru Hasama, are the only recurring main characters to not have their Beys evolve.
  • Despite the fact that it was Doji that gave him Dark Bull, Benkei is very attached to his bey. In fact, Gingka and the others never learn that Doji was the one who gave him Dark Bull.
  • Early on in Fusion, he seemed to know beys names before even learning about them.
  • Benkei, Teru, and Ryuga are the only bladers that did have anything bad happen to him after losing a match in Battle Bladers.