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Berserk Balderov B7 Giga-Q Massive-Q+Wave-G07 is a Defense and Balance Type Beyblade that is a part of the Burst System as well as the QuadDrive System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Cyclone Belfyre B7 & Berserk Balderov B7 Dual Pack for USD$16.99 in the United States.

Drive Chip - Balderov B7

Main article: Drive Chip - Balderov B7

Hasbro's Balderov B7 is a right-spin Drive Chip that features the side profile of the Drive Chip's namesake, Baldur the Nordic God of Light. It is a vertically oriented Drive Chip. Balderov B7 has an above average weight for Drive Chips, but has low Burst Resistance. Thus Balderov B7 is outclassed by other tighter right-spin Drive Chips. The issue of low Burst Resistance is compounded by the light weight of QuadDrive System Layers, making them even easier to Burst than usual.

Blade - Berserk

Main article: Blade - Berserk

In-depth information for Hasbro's Berserk Blade will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Gravity Ring - G07

Main article: Gravity Ring - G07

Hasbro's G07 is a Gravity Ring with an octagonal shape, with eight sides of varying length. It is not based on any previously released Takara Tomy Armors or Hasbro Gravity Rings. In theory, G07 has an even weight distribution at eight points to increase stability. In practice however, since all Gravity Rings are plastic instead of metal like Takara Tomy's Armors, they are all around the same weight and offer no differences in performance, with the main difference between them being only aesthetic. As any differences in the weight distribution of a Combination are negligible, it is difficult to suggest using a particular Gravity Ring over another. Furthermore, most QuadDrive System Layers are lightweight and thus outclassed by heavier Layers.

Forge Disc - Giga-Q

Main article: Forge Disc - Giga-Q

Hasbro's Giga-Q is a symmetrical, octagon-shaped QD Disc based on Takara Tomy's Giga. It retains the same diameter and general shape as its Takara Tomy counterpart, but is thinner overall with a hollowed out underside; it is consequently about 8 grams lighter. Its weight is comparable to the likes of the Core Discs 0 and 00; however the aforementioned Core Discs can facilitate Disc Frames, which can increase their weight further, while Giga-Q cannot. As Giga-Q is purely a weaker version of Giga, there is no reason to use Giga-Q over the latter.

Performance Tip - Massive-Q

Main article: Performance Tip - Massive-Q

Massive-Q is a Defense Type Performance Tip and Hasbro's QuadDrive counterpart to Massive. Like its normal counterpart, Massive-Q features a tip that sits at a standard height, with three tabs. Unlike its normal counterpart however, instead of having a wide ball shaped tip, it has a semi-flat tip instead. This change is intended to increase speed in a QuadDrive System Beystadium, but also heavily reduces Stamina as a result. As Massive was already outclassed as a Defense Type Performance Tip, the semi-flat tip of Massive-Q renders it even worse competitively.

Like other ball based Defense Type Performance Tips, the tabs around Massive-Q are meant to act as brakes against Knock-Outs at the cost of Stamina by striking against the stadium floor. However, in practice such contact is rare, giving Massive-Q weaker Knock-Out Resistance than other Defense Type Performance Tips.

Furthermore, Massive-Q features a modified shape and two attachment points to accommodate the use of an Armor Tip. Like all QuadDrive Performance Tips, an Armor Tip can be attached to Massive-Q, switching it to "Plus Mode". In this mode, Massive-Q is essentially replaced by the Armor Tip, and the height becomes similar to a SpeedStorm Performance Tip.

Armor Tip - Wave

Main article: Armor Tip - Wave

Hasbro's Wave is an Armor Tip version of the Wave Performance Tip. Like other Armor Tips, it can be attached to QuadDrive Performance Tips via two attachment points. When attached to a QuadDrive Performance Tip, it is referred to as the "Plus Mode", essentially replacing the QuadDrive Performance Tip as the main contact point with the Beystadium. The subsequent height becomes similar to that of a SpeedStorm Performance Tip.

While the Wave Armor Tip retains the general shape of its Performance Tip counterpart, like other Armor Tips, it has been modified. The protrusion on the tip of the Armor Tip version is slightly shorter and wider; this change is intended to increase speed in a QuadDrive System Beystadium.