Berserker Behemoth SR200BWD (バーサーカーベギラドスSR200BWD, Baasaakaa Begiradosu SR200BWD) is a Stamina-Type Beyblade released as part of the Zero-G System. It was released in Japan on September 15th, 2012 as a Starter.

Stone Face

  • Weight: 1.2 grams

The sticker on this Stone Face represents a combination of a Behemoth and Pegira, an Ultraman monster similar to Godzilla with one horn on its forehead and two huge fangs. This is why the Beyblade is called Begirados: the 'b' comes from Behemoth.

Begirados Motif

Element Wheel: Berserker

Main article: Element Wheel - Berserker

  • Weight: 4.5 grams

With a mostly symmetrical design, Berserker represents lines of chains as well as segments that could represent gloves or much bigger sections of a chain. The Crystal Wheel's orb and its opposite side appear to be boulders in the chains. While it has symmetry, its weight is average and its shape is too irregular to be useful even in the World Beyblade Organization's Limited Format. There is overall no reason to use this Crystal Wheel when Synchroms made of metal exclusively are far superior.

Crystalwheel berserker

Warrior Wheel: Behemoth/Begirados

Main article: Warrior Wheel - Behemoth

  • Weight: 30.5 grams

Begirados illustrates a clear monster head in a profile view with the centre of the Beyblade right between its jaws. It has a huge fang and a few smaller sharp teeths creating relief on the top, as well as one horn forming one whole side with ragged edges. This same pattern also adorns the opposite side of the Chrome Wheel. Considering that the other sides are made of the bottom of the jaw and the top of the head, Begirados still has a relatively symetrical design. The hole where the Crystal Wheel's orb is supposed to protrude represents the eye, but it is too small to allow the whole orb to stick out.

Chromewheel begirados

Spin Track: Stamina Ring 200 (SR200)

Main article: Spin Track - SR200

Weight: 3.3 gram Full Width: 26.5 mm Core Width: 10.0 mm Height: 20.00 mm

Similar to D125, SR200 possesses a wide and lengthy stamina ring around its core. This ring, while circular around the center, is completely straight vertically.

Track sr200 img

Performance Tip: Big Wide Defense (BWD)

Main article: Performance Tip - Big Wide Defense

Full Width: mm Tip Width: mm Full Height: mm Tip Height: mm Tip Angle: 30°
As its name suggests, BWD is simply a considerably bigger version of WD: while the latter has a clear width separation with its base that locks onto the Track, BWD takes up all this space, and extends lower too.

Other Versions

No versions of this Beyblade have been released.




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