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==Other versions==
==Other versions==
'''BeyCarrier Ver. 2''' - Blood-red recolour.
'''BeyCarrier Ver. 2''' - Blood Red recolour.

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The BeyCarrier Zero-G version of the original BeyCarrier from Metal Fight Beyblade. It is set to that has been released under the upcoming new toyline, Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G on March 31st, 2012 for approximately 2100円.[1]


The BeyCarrier is simply a recoloured version of the original BeyCarrier; specifically the BeyCarrier Hard-Type for use in Zero-G. With this, it uses the Beyblade Zero-G emblem with "Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G Series" put on two parts of the BeyCarrier.


Other versions

BeyCarrier Ver. 2 - Blood Red recolour.


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