Beylauncher Suspension BB-58

As a solution to the handle breakage issue in the BeyLauncher design, Takara-Tomy released an accessory called the BeyLauncher Suspension. This device attaches to the pre-existing handle of the BeyLauncher and contains a spring inside of it, as well as a re-designed ergonomic handle. This spring allowed the user to pull the launcher at full strength without releasing the handle since it would alleviate the stress from the internal launcher mechanism.


The BeyLauncher Suspension connected to the launcher.

To gain maximum power with the BeyLauncher Suspension, grip the handle naturally (not too firm, but firm enough to not accidentally let go). Then pull the cord back very quickly until it runs out and you feel the tension of the spring expanding. At that point just stop, but do not let go. Accidentally letting the cord go with the Suspension attached results in a weaker shot.

For users with prior experience with the BeyLauncher this is a technique that will require some adjustment. There will be an initial inhibition to pull too hard for fear of breaking the internal mechanisms or string. Current usage has shown no issues with internal launcher damage, so don't be afraid to pull hard. Also, if you are having trouble, don't hesitate to try different launcher positions with the grip, some users have altered their previous setup with the addition of the Suspension for greater performance/comfort.

It is important to note that this accessory ONLY addresses the string and handle breakage but NOT the prong breakage issues. For players who use the BeyLauncher as their primary launcher, this is a MUST buy accessory.

Another product that helps to reduce breakage in the handle has been released called Launcher Rubbers. They are essentially rubber attachments that go on the handle. Aside from helping to grip the handle, the rubber slows down the handle as it retracts, reducing the impact of the handle against the BeyLauncher and reducing the frequency of breakage.

BB-58 Beyblade Suspensions UNBOXING-1

BB-58 Beyblade Suspensions UNBOXING-1

BBG BB-58 Beyblade Suspensions UNBOXING

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