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BeyRaiderz, formerly titled BeyRaiderz Shogun, is the corresponding toyline for the BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz anime. Similar to the Extreme Top System, BeyWheelz, BeyWarriors and BeyWarriors Cyborg, it is a Hasbro-exclusive[1].


Spring 2014 sees even more next-level innovation with BeyRaiderz Shogun, a vehicle based battling system which revolutionizes the traditional Beyblade play pattern.

—Press Release.


It will center around "vehicle based" Beyblades with a tentative release in spring 2014 internationally. The one seen on the promotional image resembles a motorcycle with coloring similar to Samurai Ifrit W145CF. It seems to house a spinning wheel very much like a BeyWheel to allow the BeyRaider to move.


On May 17, 2013, the future of the Beyblade franchise was announced in Nelvana's booth during the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2013. This included the announcement of two corresponding anime series' BeyRaiderz Shogun and BeyWarriors Cyborg, due to be released in 2015


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