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BeyWarriors: Cyborg is an unreleased 2014 BeyWarriors toyline created by Hasbro. The toyline would have been a sequel to the BeyWarriors: Shogun Steel toyline introduced in 2013.

The toyline was to feature BeyWarriors that are "half-creature, half-machines", hence the name, "Cyborg". The toyline would have included designs based on the accompanying BeyWarriors: Cyborg anime that was commissioned by Nelvana and produced by d-rights.

The toyline and anime were scheduled for a worldwide release in over 80 countries in Fall 2014. While the anime adaptation was broadcast as scheduled, the toyline was never released, and was canceled with the rest of the Metal Series toylines.




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  • In its press release announcement, the line "half-creature, half-machines who are all WARRIOR!" is a play on the tagline to the 1987 film, RoboCop: "PART MAN, PART MACHINE, ALL COP.".
    • Coincidentally, BeyWarriors: Cyborg was slated to launch in 2014, the same year as the RoboCop reboot.
  • This is the first series post Beyblade: Shogun Steel to not use Samurai Ifrit's Spirit in the logo.
    • It is also the only BeyWarriors series to do this.