Legend is the seventh episode of the BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz season. It first aired on February 15th, 2014.


Task and Armes hold a BeyRaiderz battle with Armes winning and evening up their series 1-1. Task tells Armes if he wants to learn the truth, he should head to a specific mountain range where the legend of the BeyRaiderz is shown. Sho and company are on this same mountain. Sho gets injured while protecting Rachel from an avalanche. Jimmy and Rachel reveal the legend of two previous undefeated BeyWarriors- the Hero Flame and Master Tempest. The Hero Flame is the only BeyWarrior that has ever been allowed to live in the Sacred Garden. The first battle shown in the series is revealed to have been the battle between Flame and Tempest, with Flame hoping to bring the world to prosperity. Armes hears the story but then comes out and challenges Sho to a BeyRaiderz battle. With Sho being injured, Ricky steps in and battles at an ice arena with 5 tokens and chopping obstacles. Armes ends up winning the battle after Ricky's BeyRaiderz gets stuck in an avalanche of ice. Guardian Leviathan earns the power and then turns into a guiding light. Instead of joining Sho and company, Armes joins Task and decides to meet Kaiser Gray.

Major Events

  • Armes defeats Task Landau.
  • Sho is injured in the team's efforts to find another arena.
  • Armes battles Ricky and wins.
  • Armes meets Kaiser Gray.








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