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BeyWheelz is a Beyblade toyline designed and produced exclusively by Hasbro. It was released in Fall 2012 in North America and Europe.

Different from Beyblades, BeyWheelz introduces a new type of toy and gameplay to the franchise. Instead of being high-performance spinning tops, BeyWheelz are customizable wheels that are launched 90° in which, they roll head-to-head with another BeyWheelz in battle.

BeyWheelz seem to have been inspired by competing toyline called "Fly Wheels". Produced by JAKKS Pacific, Fly Wheels essentially had the same idea; customizable wheels that were launched and rolled 90° and battled another.


BeyWheelz are launched 90° and roll out; whilst battling with another BeyWheelz. Just like with normal Beys, BeyWheelz allow the function to be customized. Thus, changing the way the BeyWheelz performs and rolls in battle.

BeyWheelz still use Launchers as well. The Launchers resemble Ripcord Launchers, with a more circular design similar to Takara Tomy's rather than Hasbro's added grips to hold more easily. They use a ripcord, or winder, that is inserted at the back of the Launcher; with the handles at its sides to hold the BeyWheelz. They are used in the same way: when the ripcord is pulled, the BeyWheelz begins to dash away and roll. Instead of a BeyWheelz having metal and plastic parts, it has rubber parts. The reason being because this would help the BeyWheelz move faster and be able to do more stunts like in the stunt set.


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