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BeyWheelz" series
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The Dominators Attack!
Episode Number 2 (BWZ)
Arc BeyWheelz
Previous Episode New Generation
Next Episode The Fateful Tag-Team Battle!
English August 11, 2012
Theme Music
Opening BeyWheelz
Episode Notes
Main Character Debuts Leader A
Leader B

The Dominators Attack! is the second episode of the BeyWheelz series. It aired on August 11, 2012 with New Generation in the USA.


Leon decides that children who can get to a certain level of Beywheeling will be allowed to train with Team Estrella. While the young Wheelers train, they are attacked by the Dominators, who cause trouble all over the city. Enraged at their actions, Leon challenges the Dominator Gigante to a battle and wins.

After Sho has won the Beywheelz world championship, everyone wants to battle with team Estrella. Leon sends everyone off to face challenges to prove themselves worthy. While this is happening, a mysterious gang called the Dominators attacks the kids, threatening to destroy their beys. Luckily, Team Estrella arrives and battles the Dominators. Estrella comes out on top, but the Dominators swear Sho, Jin and Leon will be destroyed eventually.

Major Events



Featured BeyWheelz battles



  • Jake is the only Dominator, who is not with the group at the time of the attack.




BeyWheelz Episode 2 The Dominators Attack Full Episode

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