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The Shocking Truth
Episode Number 11 (BWZ)
Arc BeyWheelz
Previous Episode Fierce Fight! A Battle of the Spirit
Next Episode The Wheeler Bond
English September 22, 2012
Theme Music
Opening BeyWheelz
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The Shocking Truth is the eleventh episode of the BeyWheelz series. It first aired on September 22, 2012 in the USA.


Ryan Gladstone finally reveals himself to be both the head of DREAM and the Dominators. All of Judgement Bey was nothing but an experiment to figure out whether 'natural' Wheelers who learned battling out on the streets or 'artificial', specifically trained Wheelers were superior. The outcome does not matter, however, as Ryan had all along been planning to make the winners his henchmen. He explains that there is a new world with beys different from those they know and that only strong Wheelers can open the gate leading to it. Team Estrella is intrigued and about to join Ryan in his quest for the new world, when Ryan also reveals he intents to take over the new world completely. Disgusted with his power-crazed personality Team Estrella turns from him. Shrugging it off, Ryan offers them a last chance to come and join him at the time of the gate opening. The members of Team Estrella decide that Ryan's plan must be stopped no matter what.

Major Events

  • Ryan reveals that he has been secretly training both The Dominators and Team Estrella.
  • How Ryan obtained his left hand injury and how his right eye turned red is revealed.
  • Team Estrella learn that BeyWheelz are not the only type of Beys and of a New World.
  • Ryan offers a chance for Team Estrella to help him rule the New World but they reject it.

Featured BeyWheelz battles



  • The other type of Beys mentioned in this episode give a reference to Beyblades.



Beyblade BeyWheelz Episode 11 The Shocking Truth

Beyblade BeyWheelz Episode 11 The Shocking Truth

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