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BeyWheelz" series
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A New World
Episode Number 13 (BWZ)
Arc BeyWheelz
Previous Episode The Wheeler Bond
Next Episode Hope
English October 6, 2012
Theme Music
Opening BeyWheelz
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A New World is the thirteenth episode of the BeyWheelz series. It aired on October 6, 2012 in the USA and marks the end of the first season of BeyWheelz.


Ryan tries to set Odin and Sho against each other for another fight, but Odin turns on him and decides to side with Team Estrella. This causes Ryan to battle himself. After Odin suffers a quick defeat, Sho and Ryan begin the final match. In the glass room Sting and Glen appear to hold the upper hand, until Covey enters the scene. With a new person in the mix, everyone is forced to choose their sides. Glen and Sting go back to the Dominators, while Gigante now fights alongside Team Estrella. The match is now quickly decided and results in an explosion of the room. The Dominator's beys all fall down to the city and appear lost. Leon and Jin also manage to settle their fights with Matthew and Lucy, taking away victory. With every wheeler in Destection City cheering on him, Sho manages to improve his power and defeat Ryan after a long and hard battle. As it turns out, the gate to the new world opens either way. By the end of the episode, Team Estrella as well as Odin are shown to be about to head off into the unknown land.

As the others finish off the Dominators, Sho battles Ryan. Ryan takes the early advantage but Sho uses the spirits of all Wheelers to create a new special move: Cosmic Estrella. This allows him to win.

Major Events



Featured BeyWheelz battles


  • This episode featured the most BeyWheelz in any episode, with 15.
  • Gigante and Odin, unlike the others Dominators (David, Glen, Jake and Sting), were able to keep their beys.



Beywheelz Episode 13 - A New World

Beywheelz Episode 13 - A New World

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