TAKARA-TOMY advertised buying the BB-22 Bey Reshuffle Set Stamina & Defense with this set. By combining the Pegasis Wheel and Beylauncher from this set with the Launcher Grip and 105F from BB-22, one could make a "Black Pegasis Set".


  • Pegasis 100HF (Black)
  • Aquario 105F
  • Wolf 125SF (Blue)
  • BeyLauncher (Black)


Despite being one of the older MFB products this set can still be found fairly easily. However, all of the parts in the set are outclassed. Wolf and Aquario had mediocre parts even at the time of their release, and Pegasis, though decent for a time, is now outclassed. The BeyLauncher can be easily obtained from other more useful products. There is little reason to purchase this set outside of collection purposes.


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