Beyblade: XTS (Xtreme Top System) is a system of Beyblades by Hasbro to be released in Beyblade: Metal Masters. They have advanced top designs, light and sound effects, as well as being bigger and more aggresive than normal Beyblades. They are separated into four groups, "Tornado Battlers", "Electro Battlers", "Stealth Battlers" and "IR Spin Control Beyblades".

Tornado Battlers

These Beyblades are taller than normal Beys and have a "tornado" design that enable them to battle more extreme, which can cause them to tilt, weave, and spin. They are even able to escape penalty pockets in Beystadiums, some of the new designs even 'bounce'. They have a very unique performance in a Zero G stadium.

Electro Battlers

These Beyblades are preassembled, high intensity tops packed with flashing LED lights that create designs and read how fast the top is spinning as well as having battle sounds.

IR Spin Control

These are Beyblades that are able to be controlled with with a launcher. It can give them a power boost, turn left or right and, activate sounds. It also comes with a code to battle online.

Stealth Battlers

These Beyblades have unique designs an stealth attacks for more competitive play. They are the new line of XTS and were released the Spring of 2012.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

  • Fox Razor Cut (Based Off Spiral Fox TR145W2D)
  • Anubius Fury Boost (Based Off Mercury Anubius 85XF)
  • Leone Counter Attack (Based Off Fang Leone 130W2D)
  • Zurafa Iron Wall (Based Off Rock Zurafa R145WB)

Wave 6

  • Eagle Wing Blade (Based Off Earth Eagle 145WD)
  • Lynx Height Change (Based Off Beat Lynx TH170WD)
  • Jupiter Bolt Slash (Based Off Jade Jupiter S130RB)
  • Variares Attack Shield (Based Off Variares D:D)
  • Bull Uppercut Jump (Based Off Dark Bull H145SD)

EPIC BATTLE - Tornado LDrago VS

EPIC BATTLE - Tornado LDrago VS. Eagle - Hasbro Extreme Top System XTS

Beyblade XTS Tornado Battlers in action

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