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New Kid In Town
is the 1st episode of the third season of Beyblade.

Episode summary

Tyson has just returned back from the World Championships with another victory and he's decided to teach a class of boys in the neighborhood the fine art of blading. Just as he begins his session, a cocky kid comes down from the hills and challenges Tyson to a battle. His name is Daichi and the battle begins with putting the champ in a real spot! And what's worse, Daichi's blade copycats Tyson's every move, stealing power from him as the battle progresses! But it's Tyson who finally wins the battle by calling out his Galaxy Storm. Daichi is humiliated and begs Tyson for another battle. Tyson has had enough of this strange little twerp and is about to walk away, when...out of the blue, another character appears—Jin of the Gale! Now Tyson is facing another challenger who wants to strip Tyson from his World Championship title!



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