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New Kid in Town (タカオ、勝負だ!, Tyson, Let's Battle!) is the first episode in the Beyblade series Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Tyson has just returned back from the World Championships with another victory and he's decided to teach a class of boys in the neighbourhood about beyblading. Just as he begins his session, a cocky kid comes down from the hills and challenges Tyson to a battle. His tells them that his name is Daichi and that he has come to beat Tyson. Daichi is dominating the battle but Tyson finally wins the battle by calling out his Galaxy Storm attack on Kai's suggestion. Daichi is humiliated and begs Tyson for another battle. Tyson refuses his request but suudenly another blader shows up. He tells them that his name is Jin of the Gale and that he wants to battle Tyson.



Featured Bey Battles


  • Starting in this episode bit beasts no longer come out of the beyblade in a flash of light, instead they only appear during the special attacks.


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