New Kid in Town (タカオ、勝負だ!, Takao, Let's Battle!) is the first episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Tyson, the reigning Beyblade World champion for a second consecutive time, is teaching some boys in the neighborhood how to beyblade using his new Dragoon Galaxy, equipped with the engine gear, a mechanism that activates some clockworks mid-battle to increase the beyblade's spinning velocity.

Hilary and Kenny watch from a nearby bench while Kai rests behind them. Ray approaches them to join the audience. Suddenly, a cocky kid named Daichi comes down from the hills and challenges Tyson to a battle. Hilary tries to confront him but he calls her a "old hag" and she backs off, offended.

Meanwhile, Max is having lunch at his father's and watches the sport news, when the presenter announces that Mr. Dickenson of BBA is about to make an announcement at a press conference.

Back to Tyson and Daichi, their battle begins with the challenger going for the jugular and has put the championship in a real spot. Daichi surprises everyone by saying that his Beyblade is called Strata Dragoon. Daichi's blade copycats Tyson's every move, stealing power from him as the battle progresses. Tyson knocks Daichi out, but because his Beyblade is still spinning, he refuses to accept defeat and explains that from where he comes, "the whole world is the stadium".

But in the end it is Tyson who wins the battle after some advice from Kai by calling out his Galaxy Storm. Daichi is humiliated and begs Tyson for a rematch. Tyson has had enough of him and is about to walk away, when, out of the blue, another character appears and introduces himself as Jin of the Gale.

Now Tyson is facing another challenger who wants to test the world champion. At the same time, Tyson gets the feeling that he actually knows who Jin really is.

Major Events

  • The Bladebreakers meet Daichi.
  • Tyson is challenged by Daichi and defeats him in a battle.
  • The gang meets Jin of the Gale.
  • Dragoon V2 is upgraded to Dragoon G.



Featured Bey Battles

  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) vs Ryan (Generic Bey) = Tyson Granger and Dragoon G
  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) vs Daichi Sumeragi (Strata Dragoon V) = Tyson Granger and Dragoon G


  • Starting in this episode, bit beasts no longer come out of the beyblade in a flash of light, instead they only appear during the special attacks.
  • The part where Daichi calls Hilary an "old hag" with her backing off is not shown in the English dub and the versions based on it.


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