A League of His Own (100年早いぜ!, 100 Years Too Early!) is the fifth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The preliminaries for the World Championship are about to start and DJ Jazzman explains that the competitors were divided into Blocks A and B, and the winners of each block will form a tag team to compete in the finals.

At a still empty Stadium, Tyson reflects about the beginning of the tournament and again meets Jin just as he was about to head for a toilet. However, the mysterious beyblader just disappears in a blink of an eye, only to reappear further around a corner. He is later seen with Mr. Dickenson, discussing the Bladebreaker's future.

When the games begin, Tyson, Kai and Daichi advance with ease, and so does Kenny, impressing Tyson. Nobody thinks anything when a fan and competitor named Kotaro asks for an autograph and takes advantage of the opportunity to examine Tyson's, Kenny's and Daichi's Beyblades.

Kenny is the first of the three to battle him, despite his injured arm. Kotaro unveils his Beyblade, Chameleon Fake, which is able to disguise itself as the opponent's Beyblade, and knocks Kenny's once out of the beystadium. The team then realizes the rouse of asking for an autograph was to examine the beyblades. Tyson is the next to fight him and Kotaro reveals to be able to mimic Dragoon its special attack. Kenny then tells Tyson that Kotaro is unlikely to be able to keep up the attack for much longer, and Tyson uses the true Galaxy Storm attack to win the match. After the battle, Kenny is glad that Tyson won, with Tyson being so impressed with Kenny's blading skills that he wants to be his next opponent.

Major Events

  • The preliminaries of the World Championships begin.
  • Kenny loses against Kotaro.
  • Tyson defeats Kotaro.



Featured Beybattles

  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) vs Anonymous Bladers = Tyson Granger (Dragoon G)
  • Kenny (Hopper Attack MS) vs Kotaro (Chameleon Fake) = Kotaro & Chameleon Fake
  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) vs Kotaro (Chameleon Fake) = Tyson Granger & Dragoon G


  • In the English dub:
    • Tyson's brief moment of despair is not shown.


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