You're The Man, Kai! is the sixth episode of the series, Beyblade: G-Revolution

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There's only one round left in the tournament to decide who's going to partner up with Tyson in the World Beyblade Tag Team Championships and it's between Daichi and Kai. When Daichi finds out it's a tag team event and he's not going to go up against Tyson, he's totally enraged, but decides to beat Kai anyway. Meanwhile, the mysterious Jin is lurking around the dressing room listening in on our hero's conversations. When the finals in Block B begin, a radical jungle dish is revealed which gives Daichi the edge. Quickly, the underdog starts slamming and attacking Kai while Kai does nothing to defend himself. As Tyson and his friends watch, they nervously yell out for Kai to attack, but he doesn't listen. Suddenly, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, Kai calls out for his Dranzer to attack. In one swoop, he destroys Daichi. After the battle, Kai is announced as Tyson's partner for the Tag Team Finals, but Mr. Dickenson makes an announcement that their new team, the BBA Revolution, will have two alternate players- Daichi and Kenny. And the announcement is made by Jin. But that's not the only surprise. It turns out Jin is actually Hiro, Tyson's older brother who has come back to coach Tyson and his team.

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