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Take Your Best Shot! (オマエしだいだ, Depending on You) is the seventh episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The final match of the Block A of the American leg of the World Championship is about to take place and Max face off against All Starz's Emily in a stadium full of holes - if a Beyblade falls down any of them, its owner automatically loses. Max defeats Emily and tries to comfort her, but she is too frustrated and goes bitter on Max.

In the final round of Block B, Michael and Rick battle in a stadium full of bumps. Rick unveils his new beyblade Rock Bison and makes short work of Michael with his new spacial attack Drop Rock. The ex-leader of the All Starz then leaves with Eddie and Emily, feeling rejected and useless now that Max and Rick will form the tag team - now renamed as PPB All Starz - though Rick is still cocky about having Max as a partner.

The finals of the Russian tournament also take place and Tala defeats Spencer for the Block A, paving the way for the return of the Blitzkrieg Boys. The match is broadcast live and the BBA Revolution watch - Kai shows a slight interest in the battle.

Later, they begin practicing for the finals. Then, the final match of the Chinese Block B is about to take place between Ray and Lee, who's got a new Galeon. However, Ray totally controls the battle and knocks Galeon out with his new special attack Gatling Claw. Lee then congratulates him on the victory and admits Ray's superiority, but Ray turns cold on him and says he should have tried harder and should be more upset about losing, after grabbing his shirt.

Kai watches as his friends Max and Ray win the final matches of their respective blocks for other teams. This causes him to question his loyalty to Tyson.

In the end of the episode, it is revealed that the Majestics were eliminated from the championships by a new team composed of unknown beybladers, the Barthez Battalion. Everyone from the BBA Revolution is stunned by this, especially Tyson, who wonders how the Majestics could have been easily defeated.

Major Events[]

  • Emily and Michael upgrade their beys to Trygator 2 and Trygle 2
  • Rick receives his Rock Bison
  • Max and Rick are chosen to represent the PPB All Starz after defeating Emily and Michael, respectively.
  • Tala defeats Spencer in a preliminary battle.
  • Lee upgrades his bey to Galeon 2
  • Ray defeats Lee in a preliminary battle.
  • Kai considers defecting to another team.
  • The Majestics are defeated off-screen by the Barthez Battalion.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Max Tate (Draciel V2) vs Emily Watson (Trygator) = Max & Draciel
  • Michael Summers (Trygle 2) vs Rick Anderson (Rock Bison) = Rick & Rock Bison
  • Tala (Wolborg 2) vs Spencer (Seaborg 2) = Tala & Wolborg
  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) vs Daichi Sumeragi (Strata Dragoon V) = Daichi & Strata Dragoon
  • Ray Kon (Driger G) vs Lee (Galeon 2) = Ray & Driger


  • In the English dub:
    • Ray grabbing Lee's shirt is not shown.


  • Driger V2 was shown, instead of Driger G.


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