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Roughing It (合宿じゃねぇ!, This Isn't Training!) is the eighth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The BBA Revolution Team heads to a remote training camp to prepare for the upcoming tournament. When they first arrive, Kai is seemingly uninterested and Hiro deduces he is about to leave the team. Kai walks away from him without saying a word and Hiro realizes he was right. He then tells his younger brother about Kai's defection.

Daichi says Kai wasn't that good and hilary hits him in the head, Daichi calls her a grandmother and they fight. Tyson makes himself ready to quit too, but Hiro convinces him to choose a new partner. Tyson then picks Daichi, and they cruise into the wilderness to teach him survival skills as they relate to Beyblading. The plan works well until Tyson strays from the main path, and gets himself and Daichi hopelessly lost. They then fall into a river, losing most of their supplements, and eventually get trapped by a raging forest fire, narrowly escaping a falling tree.

Only by working together, and using their Beyblades in perfect unison, can they save themselves and the forest - which they manage to do in the end, by joining forces and creating a water tornado. Tyson finally realizes that Daichi does in fact have what it takes to be his partner in the championship tournament.

Kai is shown meeting Tala, and the Russian beyblader greets him as the new member of the Blitzkrieg Boys.

Major Events[]

  • Kai decides to leave BBA Revolution.
  • Tyson teaches Daichi about team Beyblading.
  • Tyson and Daichi finally work together.
  • Kai joins the Blitzkrieg Boys.



Featured Beybattles[]



  • In the English dub:
    • The fight between Hilary and Daichi is not shown; instead, Daichi says Kai wasn't that good, with which Hilary gets angry and they directly start the fight.
    • Tyson grabbing Hiro by the shirt, and Hiro punching him away is not shown.
    • Tyson and Daichi narrowly escaping the tree are not shown.
  • This is the first and only episode to not feature any Beyblade battles.


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