Swiped On The Streets (1+1は無限大だぜ!, 1 + 1 is Infinity!) is the ninth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The BBA Revolution team fly to New York City for the first round of the Beyblade World Championships (the six teams that qualified will play each other in a round-robin format, and the two teams with most wins will battle each other for the trophy).

While training, Max is confronted by the eliminated PPB All Starz members and Michael pushes him down to the floor and they leave.

As the BBA Revolution arrive at New York, Daichi is jealousy of Tyson getting so much attention from fans and the media. Overwhelmed by the size and scope of things in the Big Apple, he and Tyson visit the Statue of Liberty and a game of baseball, where Daichi catches a ball that was sent towards the audience. While eating lunch in a sidewalk café, Tyson and Daichi have their Beyblades stolen by a young pickpocket as he was pretending to help Tyson clean off his clothes after Daichi spilled some beverage on it.

Together they begin scouring the streets for the culprit since they failed to notice the robbery at the time it happened. Tyson has it with Daichi and pushes him to the floor. Just as the pair are about to give up the search, Tyson hears the unmistakable sounds of Dragoon coming from a nearby alley. There, they find the boy who robbed them using Dragoon to battle Rick in a street match. Rick wins and prepares to leave with his stolen bounty.

Tyson and Daichi try to convince Rick to give back their blades, but Rick will only return them if they defeat him in a match. The three bladers engage in battle, with Tyson and Daichi tag-teaming Rick. Rick is on the verge of defeating them when a surprise fourth blader jumps in – Max. The match ends in a draw, and Rick leaves empty-handed. Max vows to try and improve his relationship with Rick after seeing Tyson and Daichi playing together as a tag team.

Back at their Hotel, the BBA Revolution team watch the sports news on TV, and learn that the other teams in the Championship Tournament have all arrived in New York City. Tyson is surprised to find out about Kai joining the Blitzkrieg Boys.

Major Events

  • Tyson & Daichi gets their Beyblades stolen, but they get them back.
  • Tyson & Daichi battle Rick Anderson.
  • Max saves their Beyblades by interrupting the match.



Featured Beybattles

  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) & Daichi Sumeragi (Strata Dragoon V) vs Rick Anderson (Rock Bison) = Interrupted


  • In the English dub:
    • Michael pushing Max is not shown; instead, Emily simply asks Max to quit the team with Rick if they can't get along with each other.
    • Daichi catching the ball is not shown for some reason.
    • For some reason, Daichi spilling his drink and the pickpocket helping Tyson is not shown, instead, Daichi spills the beverage and the pickpocket simply spots their Beyblades as he does in the original dub after trying to help Tyson.
    • Daichi pushing the pickpocket is not shown.


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