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GR011 : The Blame Game
It's a Battle Royale...!
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Episode Number 10
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Arc Unknown
Previous Episode Swiped On The Streets
Next Episode The Blame Game
Japanese March 10, 2003
English October 17, 2004
Theme Music
Opening Go Ahead
Ending Oh Yes!
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It's a Battle Royale...! is the tenth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The teams have been selected and the finals are about to begin. Unfortunately Tyson finds himself facing all of his former friends, each part of a team that he will eventually have to ‘blade against. The biggest blow that Tyson receives, is seeing Kai as a member of the Blitzkrieg Boys! After confronting his sullen, ex-teammate, Kai suggests to Tyson that the reason he left is because his old team just wasn’t good enough! Tyson is insulted to the core; even more so when Ray chooses to let Lee face off against Tyson in the first match, White Tiger X versus BBA Revolution! In an attempt to prove his worth, Tyson makes an arrogant demand: he insists on ‘blading the two White Tiger X team members at the same time! Can Tyson and his relatively untrained partner Daichi even hope to succeed?

Major Events

  • Tyson confronts Kai about leaving the BBA Revolution.
  • Ray and Lee defeat Tyson and Daichi in a tag team match.



Featured Beybattles

Tyson & Daichi (Dragoon G & Strata Dragoon V) vs Ray Kon & Lee Wong (Driger G & Galeon 2) = Ray & Lee

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