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The Blame Game (オレが悪いんじゃねえ!, It's Not My Fault!) is the eleventh episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Tyson blames his embarrassing loss to Ray on Daichi, telling the team he is better off competing alone.

As Tyson runs away, the US Finals continue with the Blitzkrieg facing off against the F Dynasty. After an unseen battle between Tala and Julia (which ended with a victory for Tala), Kai fights Raul with his new Dranzer Gigs. Raul tries to hold on with his Torch Pegasus, but ends easily knocked out.

In the next and final match, Claude of the Barthez Batallion is sent to battle Rick and receives instructions from his coach Barthez via a headset. Claude's skill gives him the upper hand until Rick's unleashes his full power, destroying the stadium to get to Rapid Eagle. Rick hits one of the spears and sends it flying towards Claude. He prepares to dodge it, but Barthez orders him to stand still. He is subsequently hit by the object, turning the crowd against the PPB All Starz. Despite losing, Barthez is delighted to have undermined the US’s popularity.

Hiro finds Tyson at the Statue of Liberty and challenges him to a duel, defeating him easily. Tyson makes more excuses – the World Champion can never show weakness. Hiro walks away... until Tyson allows himself to admit his weakness, he will never grow stronger.

Major Events[]

  • Kai defeats Raul.
  • Claude gets injured during the beybattle.
  • Barthez Battalion forfeits the match.
  • Kai is revealed to have upgraded his Dranzer V2 to Dranzer G.
  • Hiro challenges Tyson to a 2 on 1 match and wins.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Kai Hiwatari (Dranzer G) vs Raul Fernandez (Torch Pegasus) = Kai & Dranzer G
  • Rick Anderson (Rock Bison) vs Claude (Rapid Eagle) = Rick & Rock Bison
  • Max Tate (Draciel V2) vs Aaron (Rushing Boar) = Max Tate & Draciel V2
  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) vs Hiro Granger (Metal Driger x2) = Hiro & Metal Driger x2


  • In the English dub:
    • Claude getting hit by the shrapnel is briefly cut.


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