When in Rome...Let it Rip! (逆転劇の幕開けだ, An Opening Play Turnaround) is the twelfth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Coach Barthez is seen talking to an unknown person on the phone, saying he may ask for another "favor".

Tyson, Daichi, Hilary and Kenny are seen having lunch, with Tyson still frustrated with his defeat. They decide to turn on the TV to see what's on the news and they do it just in time to see an announcement about the World Championship: the next round will be in Italy, and the matches will be: White Tiger X vs. Barthez Battalion, PPB All Starz vs. F Dynasty and BBA Revolution vs. the Blitzkrieg Boys. Tyson is surprised that he will have to face Kai so soon and leaves the room determined to win.

Meanwhile, Barthez busily prepares his team for the big event. He has invited a television news crew to document his efforts as a coach. However, after the TV crew leaves, it is revealed that Barthez is actually a ruthless coach. He beats Miguel so that he stays focused and pushes Matilda.

As the first match begins, Ray goes up against Claude. In mere seconds, Ray pulls off a victory. The second battle has Lee and Miguel pitted against each other. It doesn't take long for Miguel to win the match for Barthez Battalion - using his Bit-Beast chip to reflect light right into Lee's eyes, causing him to weaken his special attack, leaving Galeon vulnerable to Miguel's final attack. This outcome sets up the third and final round - Miguel against Ray.

The match takes place on a stadium full of wires. This battle starts off with Ray on the offensive, but suddenly, blades spring out of Miguel's blade (unnoticed by all the other spectators and Ray himself) and damage a wire that Driger was riding on. As Driger approaches the damaged part of the wire, the wire breaks and the Beyblade falls in the middle of the stadium, losing balance. Ray manages to hold on and tries to make one more attack on Miguel, but Driger gets inexplicably thrown out of the stadium as it tries to hit Miguel's Dark Gargoyle. Barthez congratulate Miguel for his victory but Miguel is not glad to have won by cheating.

Kenny, who was watching the match on a monitor, is very suspicious of the victory just as Hiro enters to give the line-up for the next battle against the Blitzkrieg Boys: Daichi and Kenny. Tyson is shocked that he won't have a chance to face Kai.

Major Events

  • Barthez Battalion defeats White Tiger X.
  • Kenny suspects that Barthez Battalion cheated.



Featured Beybattles

  • Ray Kon (Driger G) vs Claude (Rapid Eagle) = Ray Kon & Driger G
  • Lee (Galeon 2) vs Miguel (Dark Gargoyle) = Miguel & Dark Gargoyle
  • Ray Kon (Driger G) vs Miguel (Dark Gargoyle) = Miguel & Dark Gargoyle


  • In the English dub:
    • For some reason, Kenny watching the match is not shown.
    • The episode name is similar to the Original Series episode: When in Rome...Beyblade!


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